New Haven leader looks to lower speed limit in neighborhoods

A New Haven leader wants to see lower speed limits in parts of the city (WFSB)

An Alderman in New Haven is asking drivers to slow down in the Elm City to make streets safer.

Alder Richard Furlow said he wants to see the speed limit lowered to 20 miles per hour in some New Haven neighborhoods.

"The cars have to slow down. I'm not so much interested right now in our major streets, Dixwell, Whalley Avenue, but it’s the secondary streets, where 25 miles per hour are way too fast,” Furlow said. “If a child is hit, it’s going to be fatal at 25/35 miles per hour. No one does 25 down these streets, it’s usually 30 plus."

He said as a child he used to play in the streets all the time, but now drivers are distracted and the cars they’re in are going way too fast.

Susan Klein and neighbors on New Haven's Young Street would love to see a change, lowering the speed limit.

"People do come bombing along here, they turn the corner from Osborne and they come through very quickly,” Klein said.

"Just a couple of summers ago, someone turned this corner very sharply and a child was outside playing. Child got hit, not badly the child fell,” said Mary Brown of New Haven.

But speed limits are set by the state, which means New Haven would have to make a request, and just lowering the speed limit, would not automatically reduce the danger.

"By itself, it’s not going to solve it, so we need three aspects. We need police enforcement, we need driver education, and we need to lower the speed limits. I think the three together, working together is going to solve it,” Furlow said.

Furlow expects it to be a hot topic when the city holds a public hearing next month.

He says while plenty of folks are in favor of lowering the speed limit, he says others want it to stay the same, but he says at least people are talking about it.

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