New Haven Lt. formerly charged after holding family hostage

Police are on the scene of a hostage situation in New Haven (WFSB)

Police formerly charged a New Haven police lieutenant who was suspended after he barricaded himself and his family inside their home for days.

Officer David Hartman said in a release on Sunday that Lt. Rahgue Tennant is facing charges of assault, threatening, risk of injury to a minor, and unlawful restraint. Hartman said Lt. Tennant remains in police custody.

Police were called to a home on Tolli Terrace in the city's Morse Cove neighborhood on Thursday evening, where New Haven Police Lt. Tennant had barricaded himself and his family.

Police said Tennant was the one who reached out to get help on Thursday.

Police said they were notified around 5:40 p.m. of the situation.

"That's what we were lead to believe that the people in the home were prevented from leaving for several days," said Officer David Hartman, New Haven Police.

There is no word on exactly how long the family was held hostage in the home, but police said the situation had lasted for several days.

The situation ended peacefully on Thursday night, however police said the 18-year veteran police officer had assaulted his wife over the course of several days before holding her and their children in their home.

On Friday, police said Tennant is facing criminal charges and has been suspended from the department. The exact charges have not yet been released.

Nobody was injured.

Police are still investigating what triggered the incident.

New Haven Police said he has never been in trouble with the department before and is a veteran officer who has been with the force for 18 years.

He is assigned to the patrol division, and noted that he is "highly respected."

"We hope he gets the help he needs, we're thankful that no one was hurt," Hartman said.

Neighbors were rattled, but said they are glad everything ended peacefully.

"I was worried, luckily nothing happened with the family, but I was worried," said John, a neighbor.

Chief Anthony Campbell of the New Haven Police Department said:“I am so thankful that the training and professionalism of all those who performed in such an exemplary fashion today. When officers train, they never know what situation they’re entering into and what it may truly involve – especially those involving a brother or sister officer”.

“Today proved that with the right training and the right mindset, officers can perform their duties compassionately, no matter the circumstances, regardless of personal feelings”.

“I am pleased with the peaceful resolution and that our officer will now be afforded the care he so desperately wants."Copyright 2018 WFSB (Meredith Corporation). All rights reserved.


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