New Haven man embraces snow to create art

A New Haven man embraces the snow to create art (WFSB)

For many, the bad weather brings a lot of problems but for a man in New Haven, it presents an interesting artistic opportunity.

David Sepulveda is a retired teacher and artist who often gets a good idea in bad weather.

"This is kind of a relic and a remnant of a snow day. Teachers get more excited than students. When there is a day off and the snow is piled high, you have to do something if you're an artist,” Sepulveda said.

He had a big idea this past weekend with all the snow that fell…a big Buddha.

He has made similar snow sculptures in the past, including a giant "snow-a-saurus" that attracted kids from all over, plus, an oversized "snobama" that got all kinds of attention for all kinds of reasons.

This time, he is sending a different message with his "snow Buddha.”

"Let me do something that's going to heal a little bit, to carry a message of inclusiveness and love at this time. We're all kind of weary from the previous election,” Sepulveda said.

"It really adds to the life of the neighborhood,” said Adam Marchand, of New Haven.

Sepulveda has been doing this for years, whenever there's a big snowstorm, his snow work stops traffic.

"It's just awesome. He does amazing things every time we get enough snow and that is just wonderful. I even went around the block. I knew he was starting something, I wanted to see what he made,” said Pat Syvertsen, of New Haven.

Depending on the temperature outside, the sculptures can last a few weeks or a few days, but the reaction to his artwork warm his heart for much longer.

"I just love it when children come walking up with big smiles on their faces, people pull their cars over and say great job. It kind of has a universal appeal, people really like snow sculptures and it carries a good message I think, a creative message,” Sepulveda said.

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