NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) -- It was a big night in the Elm City where there was a big upset in the mayoral race. 

For months, it’s been a heated back and forth between New Haven Mayor Toni Harp and challenger Justin Elicker, who wants her job.

Justin Elicker declared victory over three-term Mayor Toni Harp to be the Democratic nominee on November's ballot. 

"Today is just part of a long journey, more than 9 months of us knocking on doors, talking to thousands of New Haven resident in every neighborhood of this city, and I think the results are clear. I think the people are ready for a government that's more accessible and responsible to people," Elicker said. 

It's been a fiercely contested primary and one that's expected to be close, between two political foes that are familiar with one another.

Harp and Elicker squared off once before, six years ago.

She beat Elicker in the 2013 general election by roughly 1,900 votes. Harp was a state senator at the time and Elicker was an alderman.

That turned out to be her closest race, with Harp easily winning re-election in 2015 and 2017.

Six years later, Elicker is giving it a go again, this time in the Democratic primary, with the two candidates, shaping the race around different issues.

For Elicker, he says it's transparency and accountability. Pointing out a potential FBI investigation into city hall.

As a result, Jason Bartlett, the director of Youth Services, in on leave. He also stepped down as the chair of the Harp campaign.

While Democrats make up the vast majority of voters in New Haven, Elicker says he's taking nothing for granted. He plans on raising more money and knocking on more doors until November. 

"Now is the time for everyone in this room to reach out to the other campaign because at the end of the day, the most important thing for this city has nothing to do with individuals in this room, but it has everything to do with the individuals we've spoke to when knocking on doors in Newhallville, in the Hill, in West Rock, in East Rock, in Fair Haven, in every single neighborhood around this city," Elicker said. 

Even with the results, there is still a possibility that this race could head to November and the General Election. 

That's because Hapr is already on the November Ballot on the Working Families Party Line. There is no word yet on whether she will continue to run. 

For information from the Secretary of State's office, click here.

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