NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) -- New Haven Police Captain Anthony Duff, who was off-duty at the time of Monday night’s shooting, was heading home when we decided to answer the call.

He’s now recovering at Yale New Haven Hospital after having been shot, and many are saying his response shows his dedication to the people he serves.

Thankfully, Capt. Duff, who has been with the New Haven Police Dept. for 24 years, is expected to make a full recovery.

According to Channel 3’s Law Enforcement Analyst retired state police Lt. J. Paul Vance, how Duff handled himself during the shoot-out was nothing short of heroic.

“Police officers are on duty 24 hours a day and trained to react to a crime in progress and Capt. Duff did exactly that,” Vance said.

Connecticut State Police and the State’s Attorney’s Office are now assigned to the case, which is protocol when an officer involved shooting happens.

Capt. Duff was shot three times. The bullet that went through his arm and into his chest required him to undergo surgery.

Vance said Duff’s response to the scene was more than any police department could hope for.

“He used professionalism, tried to engage the suspect, he called for help, called for helped on the individual down. For a perimeter, called for units to assist him. He's truly heroic especially since he was wounded himself,” Vance said.

Another man who was shot by the suspect has died.

While the shooter is still on the run, Vance said his actions helped the case.

“The outside pressures, being under fire, is very difficult, but he reacted with his training and experience in a textbook manner and did everything you hope an officer would do in these circumstances,” Vance said.

Before the shooting, Capt. Duff’s first grandchild had just been born.

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