NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) – New Haven's Board of Education voted Monday night to push back a decision that would affect dozens of teaching jobs within its district.

Superintendent Carol Birks wants to reassign the teachers to fill other openings. It's a move aimed at saving the district millions of dollars.

On Monday night, critics attacked the plan and scored a major victory.

If this plan goes forward, 53 teachers will be impacted.

During the meeting at the Celentano School, it was students who led the charge against the proposal.

“The students and staff of New Haven sticks together, and it shows in numbers,” said Nico Rivera, a New Haven student.

The New Haven Board of Education meeting was packed.

Students slammed Birks’ plan to eliminate the positions.

She said the educators would have the chance to be reassigned to other jobs. Students, however, said the proposal moves teachers from positions where they’ve thrived.

Metropolitan Business Academy accounting teacher Laurie Gracy is one of the teachers who would have to move if the plan goes forward.

“She [has] a pretty big impact in our school and without her, it’s not really a business school,” said Karen Escalera, a New Haven student.

Gracy said she was honored by the kind words but feels this decision should not be made emotionally. She argued it’s common sense to keep good teachers where they are.

“This is not a decision that will benefit the needs of the district,” she said.

Birks said the plan would not harm the quality of education in New Haven and the transfers, which would save the district nearly $4 million a year, are necessary because of New Haven’s dire budget situation.

“The positions were reduced so that we can responsibly use our human capital resources throughout the district, as well as our fiscal resources,” Birks said.

The Board of Education voted unanimously to push back making a decision on this issue, so it can look at other ways to save the money.

The board will have to move quickly, so this decision could come at the next meeting in just two weeks.

Stay with Channel 3 for updates.

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