New Haven woman assists stranger in crowd at Boston rally

“You don't teach anyone anything by screaming in their face," said 27-year-old New Haven resident, Imani Williams, who attended Saturday's Boston rally. (WFSB).

A New Haven woman is being hailed a hero for her kindness to a stranger in the face of a crowd at the Boston protest and counter protests on Saturday.

Twenty-year-old Imani Williams left her Wooster Street apartment on Saturday morning prepared for a potentially violent protest. She took a helmet and saline, in case someone was pepper sprayed, but Williams didn’t need either of those to make a statement.

Williams was among the tens of thousands of counter protesters in the streets of Boston in response to what was called a “Free Speech” rally.

She described the situation as mainly peaceful because the police kept the groups separated for the most part.

At one point, she said she saw a man in a Donald J. Trump hat being yelled at and surrounded by counter protesters.

Williams said she stepped in to help calm people down and lead the man, along with several others, through the crowd and out of the area.

Williams said she didn’t help the man for his sake, instead she did it for the situation and the message.

“At the end of the day, I thought the message would be a lot better if he was on the other side of the fence looking out at all of us rather than having 30 people surrounding him, yelling at him because you're never going to learn that way,” said Williams.

“You don't teach anyone anything by screaming in their face.”Williams said she doesn’t remember the man, and didn’t get his name. She said she is relieved the large gathering remained peaceful.

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