NEW LONDON, CT (WFSB) -- Another New London school employee is facing sex assault charges.

On Thursday morning, police arrested Jevon Elmore, amid an ongoing investigation involving New London Public School employees.

Police said Elmore was hired as a paraprofessional last summer.

He was charged with second-degree sexual assault and is expected to appear in court on Friday.

This arrest comes a couple weeks after a New London school 'climate specialist' was fired from his position at Bennie Dover Jackson Middle School.

Corriche Gaskin, 35, is accused of having a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old student over the course of several years.

Elmore's arrest is a result of information revealed during that investigation.

New London Public School's Superintendent Cynthia Ritchie released a statement following the arrest:

"Students remain at the forefront of our work as we forge through these challenging times. We are home to 3,800 students and 660 employees. It is expected that each adult working in the field of education displays the highest moral, ethical and professional standards. If and when any allegations regarding student safety comes forward, the district immediately places the accused staff member on leave, notifies the Department of Children and Families (DCF) and awaits the results of a complete investigation. The majority of allegations are defined by DCF as unsubstantial. Sadly, today the police announced that through their collaborative investigation with DCF, they have moved forward to arrest a second employee. This is extremely disturbing for all. We will continue to work closely with DCF and the police department. We will continue to actively support students, staff and families through our multi-tiered support systems. Any staff who is not displaying the highest moral, ethical and professional standards will continue to be held accountable through discipline and/or termination."

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(8) comments


Look at love in them eyes? Let's protest another minority being labeled, oh the injustice...I only wish I could help him get true justice.


Looks like a fine upstanding citizen you can see it in them pedifile eyes. I'd love to meet him an the family see if I could help! A dark alley would be fine . Say the word! I'm there.


Let's protest!! To the governors office ! Let's not label this black man... its equality that poor black man protest I say!!!


Now how come the Catholic Church is sued for having sex offender priests and employees, yet the local Boards of Education are not ????


Guess he couldnt handle a adult women? Hopefully he may get handle by a adult Male in holding


Life in prison- no parole.


I'd love to share so loving with his poor soul on way to ..


I'm gonna go out tonight catch a charge just so I can be behind him...if even for a moment! In his time of need need of...

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