A double homicide in New Milford, and a New York suicide are linked to the death of an infant in North Carolina.

The investigation began Thursday morning on Route 55 in New Milford, where a man and woman were found dead inside a truck that had New York license plates.

Police in Knightdale, North Carolina identified those two victims as 20-year-old Katie Pladl and 56-year-old Anthony Fusco, both of New York.

Their deaths, along with a suicide just over the border in New York, are linked to the homicide of a 7-month-old boy in North Carolina.

The Gaylordsville volunteer fire chief said he was the first one to discover the scene at the intersection of Route 55 and 7 and called 911.

"We located two victims or the deceased on scene, information developed by witnesses to identify a suspect vehicle,” said New Milford Police Lt. Lawrence Ash.

A call was put out to be on the lookout for a blue Honda Odyssey with a North Carolina license plate.

A probation officer across the state line heard the announcement and spotted the van on Dog Tail Road in the town of Wingdale, New York.

"It was found down the road here on the right shoulder between the roadway and the river. The vehicle was running. It was unknown who was inside so we brought in Emergency Police Services," said New York State Police Capt. John Ryan.

Steven Pladl, 42, was found dead inside the van with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Police said the double homicide and the suicide are tied to the death of an infant, who was found dead in the former home of Steven and Katie Pladl in North Carolina.

"Earlier today around 9 a.m., our officers received a welfare check request at address. Our officers responded to that location, made entry to the residence and discovered the body of a 7-month-old male infant. The infant's name is Bennett Pladl," said Knightdale Police Chief Lawrence Capps.

"The child, Bennett Pladl, was in the custody of Steven's mother. It was Steven's mother who called us this morning to make the request for a welfare check at that location," Capps said.

Steven and Katie Pladl were father and daughter and were charged with incest after they reportedly married and had the child together in 2017.

Steven Pladl had been released on bond in February with the condition to stay away from Katie. She had been released with the conditions she must live with her adoptive parents, who live in New York.

A 911 call was made by Steven's mother, who was not identified.

"My son just called me and told me, oh God, you know, he killed his baby and he's in the house," Steven's mother said in the call.

Shortly after the call is when police in North Carolina found 7-month-old Bennett.

"His wife broke up with him over the phone yesterday, and he told me she's in New York and told me he was on his way. He called me last night and said he was on his way and he was going to bring the baby to her and then he's coming back," Steven's mother said in the 911 call.

But, that's not what happened.

Steven's mother told police over the phone, "he left the baby dead when he left."

His mother told a dispatcher he had made a confession to her.

"He killed his wife, he killed her father. I can't even believe this is happening," Steven's mother said on the phone to police.

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