Medical issues keep Newington murder suspect from courtroom


Police in Newington released the name of a woman who was killed in an incident on Thursday morning.

Investigators said Patricia Torbicki, 46, was found dead at a home on Gilbert Road. The manner of death for Patricia Torbicki was a homicide after gunshot wounds of head and right lower extremity, according to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.

Police released the 911 calls from the incident on Friday. 911 Dispatcher: Newington 911 what is your emergency? Caller: Yes, I’m taking a walk on 52 Gilbert, the neighbor next door, there’s a woman laying in the doorway….I think she’s dead. Please come soon.On Friday, the front door of their home swung open and closed with the wind. A cleanup crew took the door off the hinges and put up plastic.

"To see something like this over here was definitely quite surprising," Newington resident Kevin Liudzius said.

Police also said her husband, 45-year-old Michael Torbicki, remains hospitalized in serious condition.

Police said they were first called to the home on Gilbert Road on Thursday morning following a report that a woman had been shot. The call forced police to put a "shelter in place" order out for the neighborhood.

"We weren't sure if he was you know at large on the loose, it was just stay inside there really wasn't much detail there," Liudzius said.

Police eventually was able to enter the home. In addition to Patricia Torbicki, they said they found Michael Torbicki "seriously injured." Neighbors called him a Marine Corp. veteran.

Chief of Police of East Hartford said Michael Torbicki worked as a temporary police dispatcher in 2001 and for only three months.

Patricia Torbicki grew up in Newington.

The couple had a teenage son, but police said he was not home during the incident.

"It's a terrible situation no matter which way you look at it," Liudzius said. "It's a you know he lost his mother I'm assuming and everything that's going on with the father so yea it's tough any way you look at it."

Police said that they have had calls to this house in the past but no arrest has been made in those incidents.

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