Newington town attorney facing criticism over Facebook posts

Ben Ancona (Facebook)

A town attorney is facing criticism over what some call offensive posts he made on his Facebook page.

The posts appear to question whether President Barack Obama was actually born in the United States.

The Newington Town Clerk’s office said Ben Ancona was appointed town attorney in November of 2015.

But he’s now taking some heat for some Facebook posts, like one from early January that appears to reference Obama, saying “8 years in D.C. and back to the homeland...Kenya." Someone writes back on the post saying “You mean Obama was not an American?” He then writes back “correct.”

"I think it's absolutely inappropriate,” said Deborah Duval, of Newington.

"Yes, they're very offensive...not even me just being an African American but me just being a citizen," said Elijah Chavies, of Newington.

The other post being scrutinized is one from Jan. 20, the day President Donald Trump took office. It states “Finally, an American president again.”

"Yes, it is his own Facebook page but I was a state employee for 38 years. You're also a representative of the people you work for. He works for the town of Newington. That does not represent the town of Newington,” Duval said.

Others say the posts don’t bother them at all, and that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, no matter what job they have.

"I think people need to stop being babies. I don't understand how that hurts someone's feelings. I mean, do we know for a fact where he's from? Do we? Do we have all of the information? I don't know. It's his opinion. I could care less about that,” said Mitch Beaman, of Newington.

In an email, Newington Mayor Roy Zartarian said “On the social media site, he was speaking as a private individual, not as Town Attorney. In his capacity as Town Attorney, he has shown nothing less than complete impartiality and objectivity in handling the matters referred to him."

Eyewitness News reached out to Ancona multiple times but did not hear back.

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