HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) -- The battle over tolls continues.

Those who are against tolls are planning another rally this weekend, which could attract hundreds of people, perhaps thousands.

No Tolls Connecticut, a grass-roots organization, is putting together the rally on Saturday at the State Capitol in Hartford.

The group is determined to stop tolls from passing in CT.

"Polls show majority people in CT don't want to see tolls in our state,” said Patrick Sasser, of No Tolls CT.

Last week, members of No Tolls CT went to the State Capitol with a petition containing 100,000 signatures from residents who are against tolls.

"I don't think that's a clear majority,” said Democratic State Rep. and House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz.

Democratic leaders who are supporting tolls said that’s not a lot of signatures in a state with more than 3 million people.

However, Republicans feel the petition says a lot.

"Dismissing 100,000-plus signatures from the residents of the state of Connecticut for the No Tolls CT petition, and when are they going to listen to the people of the state,” said Republican State Rep. Laura Devlin.

Earlier this week, the state's Finance Committee passed a tolls bill, which now goes to the House of Representatives and Senate.

The Yankee Institute, a conservative think-tank, has also taken a stand against tolls. They plan to be at Saturday’s rally, along with some Republican lawmakers.

"There are a lot of people who are very concerned about what really comes down to a regressive tax on people driving to work,” said Carol Platt Liebau, of Yankee Institute.

Brian Clarke of Westbrook doesn’t waste words when sharing his opinion of governor Ned Lamont's toll plan.

Saturday Clarke and hundreds of others plan to protest the proposal at a demonstration at the state capitol.

"We need to to get the message across that that this isn’t fair," Clarke said Friday night.

But many of the men and women who make their living by driving on Connecticut highways will tell you something must be done about the state roads in our state.

"The roads are in terrible shape terrible. New Haven, Waterbury, Bridgeport, lots of potholes," cab driver Lahcen Latrshen said.

Latrshen says the roads get worse every year and he feels that the governor's controversial proposal may be the best way forwards as long as the rates are low

"Overall if it’s tolls if the prices are fair it would be good," he said.

The rally will be at the State Capitol from noon until 3 p.m. on Saturday May 18.

Stream the rally on the Ch. 3 app.

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(5) comments


Democrats and Republicans don't want tolls. One thing our state is bipartisan about is not wanting tolls. How come is Ned Lamont being so tone deaf?


News flash 326 Ned "IS" a Democrat and by the way if you voted for him you can pat yourself on the back for all that he's doing.


Dear 326 No doubt you're mistaken because Ned is a Democrat and he wants the tolls. If you voted for Ned then you're getting what you voted for. Love Ethical1


If they want dictate who wants tolls and who doesn't we already lost. If they are so sure we want tolls, LET CT RESIDENTS VOTE ON IT!


The Democratic leaders also need to consider that not every constituent in the state of Connecticut either knew or participated in the collection of the obtained signatures, so that would not be considered "fair" to those who didn't know about it (such as myself). The "Dems" dare compare 100,000 to an entire state whereby the entire state didn't know and/or participate (or decline to) - you (Dems) sound like a bad lawyer who missed the bus - you are clueless. But there definitely are more oppositions than support for tolls - I doubt there's anyone who would take issue with this fact.

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