Norwich prepares for flooding after heavy rain


The rain coming down combined with the melting snow and ice is expected to cause flooding issues in the city of Norwich.

The Yantic Falls were roaring through sheets of ice and thick icicle formations on Friday afternoon. The temperatures dropped low enough for all of it to start melting.

The Laurel Hill Fire Chief said that combined with the several inches of rain predicted are equating to a potentially nasty flooding issue by Saturday morning.

"No one would've thought of a giant rain storm in the middle of January. This just adds another layer to it, the fact that there is already snow on the ground. The ground is frozen so you add rain to it and we have more of a chance of flooding," said Chief Aaron Westervelt of the Lauren Hill Fire Department.

One thousand sandbags are ready at the city of Norwich's emergency management garage. Westervelt said if anyone needs sandbags, give the fire department a call before the water starts rushing in.

"If you have a problem and you know about it, best idea is check the pumps today. Sand bags, get them today. Don't wait until the storm is already here, that's the biggest problem we're trying to get out to people is prepare," Westervelt said.

If any community knows about flooding, the chief said it's Norwich.

"We've had some flooding issues especially with the flooding coming right through here and right in front of the parking lot is actually an area that gets really high and it gets pretty close to this bridge over here too," said Missy Hyde of Norwich.

Residents are also worried about that cold temperatures on Friday night that could be turning all of this snow into ice.

"What worries me is this is all going to turn to ice because it's going to get cold, so we would have a flooded street and then we can have an ice rink," said Mary Lang of Bozrah.

The Norwich Fire Chief said the Department of Public Works in the city is ready to salt the roads when the temperatures drop again.

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