Norwich Public Utilities issues warning to drone pilots


Norwich Public Utilities issued a warning Wednesday after a drone was found near a water tank.

Officials said a 1.5 lb drone was found during a routine inspection.

They asked that the owner of the drone call the organization in order to retrieve the item.

General Manager John Bilda said that while drones are a popular device, they can be hazardous.

"As drones become more popular, it is very important that operators understand the considerable safety concerns associated with their use. Drones can be fun and helpful, but only when they are used safely, and never near power lines or any other infrastructure," Bilda said.

The company gave a list of rules to ensure using drones safely. Fly between 400 feet Fly only within a visual line of sight Be aware of FAA airspace requirements Never fly over groups of people, or above stadiums or sporting events Never fly within five miles of an airport without first contacting airport authorities Never fly near emergency response efforts, such a fires Never fly near another aircraft Never fly under the influence of alcohol or drugsThey also warned drone users to be aware of water treatment areas.

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