BLOOMFIELD, CT (WFSB) – A kennel owner is facing animal cruelty charges after a number of dogs were found at a facility in Bloomfield living in their own filth.

Police said Margaret Boisture of the Star Mountain Kennel left her dogs outside in the freezing cold. Her lawyer, however, said her kennels have better conditions than many human homes. 

On Jan. 22, Bloomfield Animal Control Officer Christine Sparks said she received a complaint that dogs were left outside overnight at a property on Tunxis Avenue Extension.

It was the third such complaint associated with the kennel, with other complaints that stated dogs were barking and there was excessive noise.

Investigators determined that the property was owned by James and Margaret Boisture. Beech Tree Ranch LLC is the owner of Star Mountain Kennel, a breeder of Portuguese Podengo Pequeno dogs.

It was also determined that there was no valid kennel license issued to the facility or property owners.

When Sparks arrived at the property, Margaret Boisture told the officers they were not allowed to inspect the property. A search and seizure warrant was applied for and granted.

During the execution of the search warrant, more than 40 animals were discovered at the facility. Fifteen of the dogs were being held in conditions that were determined to be in violations of laws governing cruelty to animals, excessive confinement, a kennel operation and a rabies vaccination/certificate requirement.

According to the warrant, police observed dogs urinating in their cages, which then trickled down into the cages of the dogs below them. Many of the dogs were found to be standing in their own feces.

Read the full arrest warrant

The warrant also said during a search of the property, police found "the noise inside this room was deafening, and there was a strong odor of urine and feces." 

The 15 dogs were seized and brought to a veterinary facility to be evaluated. All of them had dirty coats with urine and feces, overgrown nails and ear abrasions.

The warrant said 11 had dental decay that required surgery or extraction, eight had respiratory infections, one had a golf-ball-sized mass on a mammary gland and one had periodontal disease and a heart murmur.

Another 23 animals were determined to be in good health and left on the property within the care of Margaret Boisture with a shelter-in-place arrangement. This allows the officers to do daily inspections of the animals.

Six dogs were also placed with their owner’s co-owner after verification.

Due to the conditions of the dogs, Margaret Boisture was charged with cruelty to animals, illegal confinement, operating a kennel after a license revoked/suspended, and no dog rabies vaccinations.

Just a couple of years ago, Margaret Boisture showed off dogs in the Westminster show. 

Boisture's attorney released a statement.

Margaret Boisture is an exceptional dog breeder who cares diligently for the health and well-being of her dogs. She enjoys a well-earned and stellar reputation among her peers and customers. Many of her dogs are champions and grand champions. The dogs are raised in a modern 2,000 square foot building with certain amenities that many people do not even enjoy, such as in-floor heating, that reflect her high standards. In a recent inspection by the American Kennel Club, she received the highest marks with no negative comments. The same veterinarians have cared for her dogs for years and attest to their good health and the outstanding level of care that Ms. Boisture provides. The notion that she would neglect the health or safety of her dogs is absurd. Anyone who thinks otherwise is making uninformed assumptions without knowing the facts.

She was released on $75,000 bond.

The AKC, which sanctions the Westminster show, says they are not taking a stance on this matter, nor are they encouraging anyone to attend any meetings regarding Boisture. They are monitoring the progress of the case and say Boisture is unable to use their services pending the outcome. 

Police said they have investigated Boisture before.

According to the search warrant, Boisture owned and maintained a flock of goats at the same location in 2013. The warrant stated that the goats did not have required health inspections and were unvaccinated, which led to the death of 10 of the goats.

Boisture was issued violations from the Department of Agriculture.

Supporters of Boisture are expected to attend a regularly scheduled town meeting taking place on Thursday to speak on her behalf. 

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(41) comments


If the allegations of filth are true, then I am sure there are plenty of photographs. Are far as the allegations regarding the dogs health there are factors such as age and personality which could prevent dogs from say having a tooth removed. If the dog had a bad reaction to anesthesia before it might be best not to put them under again. Unless you personally know the dogs complete health history, you should refrain from commenting. As far as shaming someone for being a breeder, come on. Are you that stupid? If their weren’t buyers... About goats not being vaccinated, use common sense. The news reports daily about the harm of eating/drinking products from vaccinated and medicated animals. Now you want to demonize someone for giving you a safe product? Either the authorities produce evidence or this lady is going to have a huge pay day. Including this news agency and anyone who slanders her name. Because it harms her business.


By the way I noticed that WFSB keeps putting nicer and nicer pictures of this woman in this article. I guess we know what they believe. Unbelievable!! You are supposed to report the news and stay impartial!!


Total horse hockey! Of course there is going to be a mess when they post police to KEEP YOU FROM DOING MORNING CLEANING!!!!! Dogs poop and pee!!! This over zealous ACO lowlife should be charged with false report and lying to a judge to get a warrant! Where are the photos they love to take??? She was and has been in FULL compliance! Adopt don’t shop my butt!


Why buy while shelter dogs die? This woman is part of the problem. She breeds dogs with no care, clearly. A "state of the art facility that most people can't afford" to paraphrase her....well, I don't wake up to feces and urine covered pillows. But, go ahead, buy your dog that WILL have health issues. I will adopt a dog that was dumped because it "wasn't a good dog" and I will turn it into a good dog because I have patience and the ability to care for it.

Free P3 Pups

Let’s all demand that eye witness new 3 take this story down and actually be real journalists and do research and investigate to get the real story. Not just a one sided completely false made up story.


The "real story" is that this woman had dogs with lapsed vaccinations. The story is that dogs were reported to be outside in the cold at all hours of the night. The story is that She isn't a reputable breeder if these are things that neighbors complained about and had to call the police multiple times.

Free P3 Pups

This story is a complete fabrication from the truth. The dogs were clean and kept in a nice new building. The dogs were at proper weight and in good health. The was only 1 goat on the property and it was hers. She had rented one of the bar a to a local farmer and he had it there for specific reason. And it was not in a pen that was too small This is completely wrong violates Margaret’s and all dog breeders and owners civil rights, the constitution and the bill of rights. Stand up for American and what is right and stop this domestic terrorism attack now!


Your article left me with a few questions.

In the first sentence you state “A local kennel owner is facing animal cruelty charges after more than 40 dogs were seized from a facility in Bloomfield.”

Then about half way down you state “The 15 dogs were seized and brought to a veterinary facility to be evaluated.”

Q-1 Which is it, 40 or 15? There is a big difference.

Q-2 Did you contact the veterinary used by AC for information? What about the veterinary that the impounded dogs normally see, did you contact them?

Next, you indicate

“On Jan. 22, Bloomfield Animal Control Officer Christine Sparks said she received a complaint that dogs were left outside overnight at a property on Tunxis Avenue Extension. It was the third such complaint associated with the kennel, with other complaints that stated dogs were barking and there was excessive noise.”

Q-3 Did they have 3 complaints about the dogs being left outside, and others that are not enumerated about barking? Or is it they had one complaint about them being left outside, and two about barking?

Q-4 Did all of the complaints come in at once, or were they over time?

Q-5 Did you attempt to corroborate the complaints? I can call and complain about your dogs, and you may not have any.

Q-6 Did you go and look at the property? It’s on the market right now for just under $1 million.

Q-7 Have you done any research into ACO Sparks? She has questionable ties to a few groups that might be referred to as “militant” in their views on professional breeders.

I understand the need to have a “sensational” headline to grab attention, but fact based reporting is the key to trust. If you show a sort of bias, or not do your homework, you can ruin the reputation of the entire news industry.

purposefully bred dogs

Thank you for not just blaming her and taking the side of the ACO in this situation. A couple of things bother alot of us that are in dogs.Can someone explain to me why a person in Suffield with over 200 animals in varying states of neglect is arrested 2 days before and her bail is 20000.00 versus a renowned PPP breeder whose bond is 75000.00? AKC inspects the kennel AND the animals and she got a great review from them not long before the ACO showed up at her house. The law is clear about searching your property- the ACO showed up WITHOUT a warrant and Ms Boisture was within her rights to deny her access. IF she was abusing the animals- WHY WHERE ANIMALS LEFT BEHIND???? That makes zero sense. Oh and one of the dogs that left shortly before the ACO showed up WON BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX AT WESTMINSTER ON SUNDAY. You don't win a prize that big with a dog that has been neglected.

What the media is missing here is that this ACO is known for being an animal rights activist. I am shocked that the police chief didn't shut this down day one and return these dogs home. Think what you want but this person is not only a good person, but a wonderful dog owner/breeder/exhibitor. Use your heads people. If there was a real concern ALL not some of the dogs would be taken.


Anyone breeding and selling animals for profit and show is not a wonderful person. We should welcome an ACO with an animals rights eye....that's exactly what we should all want. It is outrageous that breeding and selling animals is not a crime in 2020.

purposefully bred dogs

clearly you are one of the animal rights activist. Come to a dog show and see how much the dogs love it- otherwise keep your uneducated and opinionated mouth shut. I respect your right to live how you want you need to respect others too. And FYI if EVERYONE stopped breeding all dogs would be extinct in 20 years. Is that what you want??? And its NOT a crime to breed dogs, but it is a crime to illegally seize dogs that are in better condition than most.




There's no way anyone can keep 40 dogs without confining them for excessive periods of time....typical of a breeder.

purposefully bred dogs

Again you are incorrect.she has a huge building and is very good with her dogs. You are making comments about something you know NOTHING about. Typical of an animal rights activist with an agenda.Keep your agenda to yourself.


"Keep your agenda to yourself." Very ironic.


Exactly, Rehabber. There is no way those dogs were care for in an efficient fashion. She would have no time for anything else in her life.


People are trying desperately to remove animals from kill shelters and keep them alive in shelters and foster homes. They do this with little money, donations, and volunteers who walk and socialize these animals. Take a visit to the New Haven animal shelter, or the one in Bloomfield. They are all over the state. Yet we have people like this woman who wants to profit off of lives, while others languish in shelters waiting for homes.

purposefully bred dogs

other than the dogs stolen by the aco in bloomfield i guarantee none of her dogs are in a shelter. Purposeful show Breeders take precautions to prevent this- back yard pit bull breeders, or idiots that place dogs in homes without vetting them are a different story. And fyi- if you can afford one of her dogs you can afford to take care of it. I guarantee you won't find a show dog breeder get in a shelter.


good for you...................I agree!


Retail rescue. So why are we importing dogs and disease by the thousands if there are so many adoptable dogs in shelters??? All I ever see are pits and pit mixes which are not appropriate for most pet homes.


You clearly know nothing about pit bulls or mixes thereof. They are good dogs. It's people that don't recognize dogs body language that are the problem.


So sad, but sooooooooooo true! People are dumbed down to this!!


It is people like you who allow this to keep happening!!!!


Why are dogs left outside in cold temperatures at night? Nice "care" being taken in these dogs. I can "clearly" see that. [huh]


Adopt, don't shop.


You are absolutely RIGHT! That is the biggest problem is that people support breeders instead of rescuing all the poor animals that people get rid of!!

purposefully bred dogs

So your post is completely illogical. its not the breeders that are problems- its idiots that take a dog then dump it. I don't see an outrage against them. Show dogs do NOT go to homes of someone that cannot afford to take care of it- the homes are well vetted and the dogs that go there are well cared for OR they are returned to the breeder. Stop making what this ACO did about dogs in a shelter. She is persecuting this woman with no substantiated facts. The article says her dogs were left out overnight- does she have ACTUAL proof of this?? She is claiming the dogs were abuse- yet she left animals there. You are so caught up in being an animal rights activist you aren't seeing the bigger picture here.


Wait what???? Do you hear how stupid that sounds??? How is it a BREEDERS fault that OWNERS dump their animals?? LOGIC. I know. It’s hard.🙄

rescue owner

Don't give me that adopt, don't shop garbage. What you people speaking against this breeder don't realize is that dogs aren't interchangeable. I don't want a pitbull; I want my nice little 4 lb toy fox terrier who I purchased from a breeder. Oh, and by the way, I also have 6 foster dogs at my house.


So....wait. You just said "don't give me that adopt, don't shop garbage" then went on to say you are fostering 6 dogs? You want to rethink that for a minute or two? I am pretty sure you can figure out where you went wrong.




Why is anyone allowed to breed dogs and sell them these days. In this same town, Bloomfield, discarded animals are waiting for homes and you can give an animal a second chance at life, without supporting a breeder.


You are so right!! I totally agree!!

purposefully bred dogs

Because this is America- not a police state or communist russia. Its NOT the law, therefore trying to push your agenda of adopt don't shop down everyones throat is ridiculous. You do realize that show dog breeders to NOT put dogs in pet stores? In fact it is in a show dogs contract that the purchaser will be sued if they do put the puppy in a pet store. You are clearly not educated on this subject- just someone who thinks they know better than everyone else. I say again I respect your right to feel the way you do- you need be respectful of everyone else's lawful rights.

William T. Madison

Yeah!! You tell em Margaret!

purposefully bred dogs

My name isn’t Margaret, but I support her. There is no way all animals were not removed if the aco really believed they were being kept by an animal abuser.


Ladies and gentlemen, I give you an example of irony. "You are clearly not educated on this subject- just someone who thinks they know better than everyone else." was preceded by, "trying to push your agenda"


Rehabber123 because I do NOT want a shelter pet of unknown origin or breed. I've seen too many that have mental issues for me to want to take a chance on them. I do my due diligence on a breeder and their dogs before purchasing a pup. To date, I have not had any problems with a purchased dog from a breeder....unlike purchasing a dog from a rescue or dog shelter.


Wow, don't want to take a chance on shelter animals, huh. Afraid of what you might get, huh. God forbid you have to do a little work with the animals. Did you ever hear of compassion? You are so coldhearted!!!


Dogs are under serious stress in a shelter. To sit there and say they have mental issues is a cop out. You take a dog out of a shelter and it needs a few days to settle down. It needs time to adjust to a more normal life, instead of being in a cramped cage, #1 and #2 on the floor of their own cage, limited exercise and stress relief, limited food and water...all of these things take a toll on a dog. For you to dismiss it as simple "mental issues" shows how little you know about dogs. Ignorance is truly bliss for you. Oh, and there is also the fact that even reputable breeders use incest in their breeding practices. This leads to the prevalence of chronic diseases in pure bred dogs. Mixed breeds have a much lower chance of inheriting such diseases.


Those are mostly strays of random breeding. Most dog breeders also do rescue. That’s his rescue got started. Purebred dog breeders.

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