Nude images shown during class in West Hartford


A teacher in West Hartford is apologizing to parents after nude photos were shown to some eighth graders.

A video was shown to about 50 eighth grade students, which contained a few nude photos.

It was apparently an accident, and King Philip Middle School officials are addressing it.

School administrators have sent out notices to parents, calling the incident an embarrassing error.

Parents said they are pretty forgiving and feel some of the photos, which were taken in the 1840's, may be considered art.

"The teacher took to the time to fix it, he knew maybe this should be taken out and he redid a clip and unfortunately he picked the wrong link and I think it was an easy mistake,” said Amy Raisner, of West Hartford, whose 13-year-old is a student at the school.

The link she's talking about is called "The History of Photography in 5 Minutes,” and contains a series of images from the 1840's by Robert Cornelius.

It starts with four nude photos, and the teacher removed those photos but accidentally sent out the original version.

The clip with the nude images was about 4 seconds, and it was corrected the same day.

"I feel badly if children were traumatized and I asked my son and he didn't even notice it as anything different,” Raisner said.

The teacher did apologize for the mix-up and has offered to talk with parents who have concerns.

"I think back in the day it probably wasn't a big thing, but nowadays the way things are it is a big deal,” said Greg Plourde, of West Hartford.

"If they are going to start censoring the pictures like that then they should start censoring the books because my daughter brought a book home that was very descriptive, very sexual, that was worse than a picture,” said Betsy Santiago, of West Hartford.

The superintendent has not yet responded to a request for comment.

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