MADISON, CT (WFSB) -- Even though we are a month into spring, one governor is already thinking about summer, but without the beach to escape to.

Hammonasset State Park is one of the most popular summer beach stops in the state. The idea of a beach-less summer for the tri-state -- Connecticut, New Jersey and New York, was suggested this week by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

That idea was not a popular one by some people on Tuesday.

“Absolutely not. Don’t close the beaches. I think the salt is good for us,” said Danny Partridge, of Springfield, Mass.

Others said we have to do what we have to do.

“If we have to, I’d say yes. We’d be saving more people,” said Nicole Bongioeanni, of Madison.

Cuomo said during the pandemic, people are attracted to the region’s beaches like magnets.

“I work with our other states because frankly if they open up a beach in Connecticut? You could see a flow of people from New York going to a beach in Connecticut if I don’t open our beaches,” Cuomo said.

At Ocean Beach in New London, they get tens of thousands of guests every summer from Massachusetts and Rhode Island, but not so much New York.

“It would be just another kick in the teeth obviously if that has to be done,” said New London Mayor Michael Passero.

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(8) comments

rick be

It's been said that the sun's UV rays and heat destroy the Wuhan Flu.

Let's see what happens in Florida.The beaches bring relief and could easily

follow government dictates.


Totally! Hit that body with a tremendous amount of light! While taking your chloroquine and injecting disinfectant? It will just disappear in April when it gets warmer? Calling it by the wrong name to show your ignorance? Don't forget way way back in February when it was all just a hoax? It is still not the flu and it is quite real. COVID-19.

rick be

Those UV rays just may according to what many think.

Why don't the Guvnas wait and see what happens in Florida?

Brian C. Duffy

Just sunbathe on your back, Baldwin, with your mouth wide open to allow the UV rays to get to your lungs. Watch out for sea gulls, though.

Brian Duffy ~~ Tariffville


Is Lamont Connecticut's Governor or Cuomo? He has abdicated his duties as governor to Cuomo and is now a carrier pigeon delivering messages.

If NY,NJ and CT close their beaches are they saying there are no other states where people will go? Does CT not care about citizens of Massachusetts?

It won't be a total loss to CT; most of our beaches have been closed to the public for years.


Maybe just think about it with a little logic involved. If NY closes their beaches to help stem the spread of this virus and the residents start to come to CT beaches, what do you think will happen to the spread? it could easily rise in the state of CT and into NY because of people carrying the virus back home. If they work as a team and restrict access, the virus will have a hard time spreading. We are all in this together because the virus doesn't recognize state, and international, boundaries.




Proof? Proof of what? That viruses don't recognize borders or politics. The fact that it is in every state in the US and almost every country should clue you in.

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