Police continue to crack down on distracted driving

Police across the state are cracking down on distracted driving (WFSB)

Many out there on the roads are completely distracted because of their cell phones.

As part of a statewide campaign, police in towns like West Hartford are cracking down on distracted driving.

If you’re caught behind the wheel talking on the phone or even texting at a red light, chances are a cop will see you and pull you over.

“It just causes a lot of accidents,” said West Hartford Officer Jeff Swank.

Extra police officers will patrol every day this month in marked and unmarked cars.

People downtown say they try to keep phone distractions to a minimum.

“I try to put it in my bag so I don’t see it. I turn off the ringer so I don’t know. But no, it is a distraction just knowing it’s in the vehicle with me,” said Heather Clifford of West Hartford.

“I think part of it is anticipating what other drivers are going to do and looking beyond what’s in front of you,” said Shawn Daly, of West Hartford.

In 2017, officers handed out 1,000 tickets related to distracted driving.

Officer Swank says they hope enforcement will make roads safer for everyone.

“They just need to be safe. They need to be safe for their families, other people they’re driving with and if you only do it for this time that’s only more time you’re adding to the possibility of getting into an accident or hurting someone or hurting yourself,” Swank said.

In Connecticut, if you get caught using your phone behind the wheel you will get a ticket.

Your first offense is a $150 fine. Your second is a $300 fine, and any other ticket after the third one is $500 a ticket.

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