NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) -- After a New Haven police captain was shot on Monday night, several officers are being praised for their quick thinking and action.

New Haven Police Chief Otoniel Reyes said the tourniquet the officers applied on Captain Anthony Duff’s gunshot wounds, likely saved his life.

In fact, the officers recently stated carrying the tourniquets in their holsters.

Yale New Haven Hospital is behind the push to ‘stop the bleed,’ by equipping police departments with the tourniquets.

“From the New Haven Police Department, I know of 9 incidents that they've used them,” said Pina Violano, of injury prevention at Yale New Haven Health.

Depending on the wound, it only takes minutes to bleed. Therefore, quick and simple makes a difference for doctors when minutes matter.

“In much better condition, not actively bleeding so that we can get them to the operating room as soon as possible,” said Dr. Felix Lui, trauma surgeon at Yale New Haven Hospital.

The tourniquets are wrapped around an injured limb in an effort to stop the bleeding.

“You want to go above the wound, at least 2 inches,” Violano said.

The tourniquets can be self-applied as well, and if the bleeding doesn’t stop, add more pressure.

They have proven to be invaluable for gunshot victims, during car crashes, stabbings, and other forms of injury.

“In today's world we need to be prepared, that we don't know when these terrible incidents can occur, and that if we're able to help out the people at the time as soon as possible when these occur that that's the best chance for them to survive their injuries,” Lui said.

The goal is to train more than first responders, doctors want babysitters, coaches, and you to know how to use this to help save lives.

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