(WFSB) - Millions of drivers will be hitting the road tomorrow morning.

Officials are working to help drivers stay safe this weekend, as car thefts are on the rise in the state.

The next two days are huge for traveling and shopping, and with car thefts on the rise police are sending out tips to keep you safe.

Like when you’re parked in a parking lot, always making sure you have your keys out and ready to go and if you’re shopping at night, they say try to park under a light.

Another big tip this weekend is to have patience on the road because they will be crowded.

The 2020 holidays looked a little different for everyone, and now that we’re getting back to normal, that means holiday traffic is back.

AAA is predicting 48 million people will hit the roads this Thanksgiving. That’s up 13% from last year.

They estimate 2 million drivers in New England alone.

Jordan Udi of Hartford said, “normally we’d go up to Massachusetts, but we decided we don’t want to travel this year.”

Luckily for Udi, his family will be coming to him.

“My brother and his wife are going to be traveling to us and my grandmothers going to be coming from Massachusetts,” said Udi.

The same goes for the Wade family in Hartford.

Alversia Wade said, “my dad lives near New Jersey and my brothers coming up Springfield. So, we’re all just going to be at my house just having fun, cooking up a feast.”

While some will stay home prepared their Thanksgiving meals, others will be heading to the bars tonight.

“I expect the bars to be full,” said Jordan.

Sometimes called Blackout Wednesday or Drinksgiving, bars tend to fill up the night before Thanksgiving with people home for the holiday.

“We’re going to be preparing doing all the prep but there is a bar right there so maybe we’ll sneak out. But that’s only if we get all the cakes baked,” said Wade.

In an effort to stop drinking and driving. The Connecticut Department of Transportation is encouraging those who drink this holiday season to use a ride service.

They created a $10 discount code for Uber, it’s SAVETHENIGHTCT.

It’s available until January 14th.

If you plan to do any holiday shopping this weekend, police are asking people to stay vigilant.

East Hartford Police sent out these tips:

  • never leave your car unoccupied with the motor running or children inside.
  • do not leave valuables on the seat.
  • park as close as you can to your destination.

East Hartford Police also say if you feel uncomfortable or you see anyone looking suspicious, ask mall or store security to escort you to your car.

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