These 100 cases do not exactly mean that they came from the Big E. As the way it was tracked was by the contract tracing collaborative in Massachusetts.

WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM)-- The West Springfield Director of Public Health told Western Mass News tonight there are only 100 COVID cases in the Bay State that could be linked to the Big E. Officials said that is good news considering more than a million people attended the 17-day fair.

These 100 cases do not exactly mean that they came from the Big E. As the way it was tracked was by the contract tracing collaborative in Massachusetts.

“They’re telling me there’s about 100 cases so far that have linked to the Big E by at least saying they went there,” said Jeanne Galloway, West Springfield Director of Public Health.

Galloway told Western Mass News that 100 people who live throughout the Bay State that got COVID said they went to the Big E. In getting answers for you, we asked Galloway if the 100 people are from a certain part of the State. She said they’re not.

“So 1.5 million people, according to the Big E’s data and 100 as you know is a fraction of a fraction of that number,” said Galloway.

Western Mass News digging deeper and doing the math for you. 100 divided by 1.5 million is .006667. As of now, that’s the percentage of how many people who attended the Big E got COVID-19.

But Galloway told us her data only shows Bay State residents.

“And this is only people in the commonwealth. So I haven't heard anything from outside of Massachusetts yet. would I ever? I don’t know. It depends on what people say,” said Galloway.

Galloway also told us, COVID cases in West Springfield did not spike from the Big E either. They’re actually on a decline.

“The data that the state put out last week, said it was 88 cases in two weeks. And we’re probably on for that again in the next week,” said Galloway.

The indoor mask mandate in West Springfield is still in place. The Board of Health will discuss that at their next meeting tomorrow night.

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But these are super spreader events, how could this be!? They decided you could have the Big E, need to give the peasants something. Don't worry about the Obamas having all the maskless parties they want on the Vineyard. They're just more sophisticated than you or I.


Consider reading the article.


How dare you spread fake news wfsb ,mass has a flawed system but they want you the sheep to think their contact tracing works its flawed and dont blame the big e you know its a political agenda spread on the world for fixed fuel use and consumption


You did not read the article dummy. Try again.

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