Old school bus transformed into technology lab

An old school bus has been transformed into a technology lab (WFSB)

An old Newington Public Schools athletic bus has a new look and a new role as a mobile technology lab.

It all started with an old athletic bus and an idea, and then that idea became a reality, thanks to Jay Salerno, the director of Education Technology at Newington Public Schools.

Earlier this year, Salerno was chosen as one of the 36 educators from across the world to be a Google Innovator.

The 'innovators' visited the company's office in London, and together worked to bring their ideas to life.

Newington Public Schools partnered with Smart Technologies to create the district's 'Smart Bus.’

"Here, we have their interactive smart panels, some of the newest stuff is all right here where we can set up stations with the kids. Stations of learning,” Salerno said.

The bus allows the district to provide the latest technology to all students, by having the technology, travel to them.

On board, there are also things like a computer, virtual reality glasses, and an invention kit.

"There's a lot of other people who don't get exposed to this technology. So, the idea is to make this mobile bus and provide these experiences to others,” Salerno said.

Some students can also become Techsprouts and Techsperts, starting in just third grade and continuing through high school.

The Techsperts will lead workshops, training sessions, and tech demonstrations all over the state.

The Smart Bus will officially be unveiled at a ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday at 4 p.m. at Newington High School.

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