NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) - The city of New Haven has started a new series of Black Lives Matter street murals.

The first mural was painted in the Newhallville section of the city today.

This Black Lives Matter mural is about 277 feet long and 22 feet wide.

The Bassett Street mural is the first of several coming to the Elm City.

Organizers say they’re happy to see it right in their community.

"People are very excited. They’ve seen it happen across the country and so for it to happen right now on their street, they’re just elated to take part in what we’re doing here today," Meredith Benson of Black Lives Matter New Haven tells us.

Volunteers quickly got to work helping paint the mural.

Organizers say they want to make sure the artwork in the city represents the black community.

"Representation matters. This is our community. These are our streets, so to have members of the community to see Black Lives Matter in the streets is just a daily reminder that we do care," Ashleigh Huckabee of Black Lives Matter New Haven stated.

Activists hope the mural sparks conversation surrounding issues like racial inequality.

"It's important, because we need to be able to spread awareness in the community," Janina Tauro of Black Lives Matter New Haven says.

And they also want the art to help those feeling pain to heal.

Kwadwo Adae is the artist behind this mural.

He says public art in the community becomes the voice of the community.

"We rely on art in times of despair, pain, as a way to unify, as a way to uplift ourselves, one another," added Adae.

This Bassett Street mural is one of eight total coming to the elm city.

Organizers say the next one will be painted on Temple Street on October 3.

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Painting the streets does nothing, black culture needs to change, value education and the family stop letting the government control you.


BLM is a racist, Marxist, anti-family domestic terrorist organization.

Comment deleted.

Agreed. BLM is anti-America. Many people who support them are doing so just to show people they aren't racist, but they have no idea what that group stands for (and these people are potential voters...scary).

Comment deleted.

Don’t hurt their feelings. Might start looting.

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