Police responded to reports of a loud explosion-sounding noise that shook parts of Southington.

They said they received more than 40 calls from all around town, specifically along Marion Avenue.

"Several residents have reported their houses shaking and hearing a loud bang," police said. "The reports were from the center of Southington extending to the Wolcott and Cheshire Town lines. A majority of the calls appeared to be concentrated in the South West portion of the town."

A woman who lives on Manor Road told Eyewitness News that she felt it.

Dozens of officers and firefighters were dispatched to the Marion Avenue area. However, they have been unable to pinpoint the source of the sound. They are still investigating.

"It kind of went right through you it was that loud and the whole house, shook. It literally just shook,” said Betty Pisiakowski, of Southington.

She was relaxing on her couch Monday morning when all of a sudden, "I just heard a massive boom and the whole house shook, my dog was freaking out.”

She ran outside to see what it was.

"All my neighbors, all around me, we were all outside and heard the same thing and we all felt the same thing,” she said.

They said they don't believe it was an earthquake, but they also have not ruled that out as a cause.

Officials at the New Haven Earthquake Center said they also couldn't determine what it was.

They said the seismometer at Yale University didn't capture anything out of the ordinary.

So far, there have been no reports of any injuries or damage.

Police in Southington said there were no power outages, property damage or calls of smoke in their town.

They said they checked with departments in Cheshire, Wolcott and Waterbury who also received reports of the noise. They also were unable to found a source.

Local energy companies also had nothing to report.

Information continues to come into the newsroom.

Refresh this page and watch Eyewitness News for updates.

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