An outbreak of synthetic marijuana overdoses in New Haven on July 4 has city officials concerned.

They dealt with 14 overdoses on the holiday, most of which happened on the New Haven green.

“We had a spat of cannabis-laced product that caused 11 overdoses in a short period and then we had an additional three over another two to three hour period,” said Rick Fontana, director of New Haven Emergency Operations.

Officials say the product is similar to K2.

K2, also known as spice or fake weed, is synthetic that is an illegal controlled substance that can be addictive.

“Some of them are actually acting strangely, some of them are banging into the ground, some of them are laying on the ground. Some of them appear to be not responsive, but they are responsive,” Fontana said.

Tricia MacKay said she has seen what happens to people after they spoke these products.

“People are smoking this k2, they are out of their minds. You can see it. They are taking off their clothes, they’re acting crazy and I’m concerned,” she said.

Fontana said the overdose made for a very difficult day on July 4.

Responders were already dealing with two, two-alarm fires, and then all of the synthetic marijuana overdose calls.

The fire chief had to put on another paramedic unit.

While the drug overdoses were not deadly, 14 in one day was very hard on the city's resourced.

"It causes a nuisance, puts a strain on first responders, EMS, fire, and police, and we'd like to see that end too," said Fontana.

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