WATERBURY, CT (WFSB) - Parents in Waterbury said they are fuming after hearing news that a Catholic school will close its doors at the end of the academic year.

Leaders of the Saints Peter and Paul School said low enrollment and rising costs are to blame.

Parents said they simply don't understand how the closure is possible.

Both the Archdiocese of Hartford and parents both said they knew the school operated in the black.

City alderman George Noujaim walked with his children on Friday and began savoring the last few months left until the school closed for good.

"[We're] heartbroken, sad. [It] felt like the rug was swept under us," Noujaim said.

The archdiocese told Channel 3 that parishes ultimately have local control of closures.

"They’ve been investigating over these last years stability, future, stability, finances [and] student enrollment," said Fr. Jim Shanley, Archdiocese of Hartford. "All those things seemed to have been on a decline."

Maria Maynard, deputy superintendent of Catholic schools, said the writing was on the wall.

She said the school barely operated in the black, made budget cuts, combined classes and even had the principal teach classes.

"There was a very transparent knowledge of what was going on," Maynard said. "Nothing was hidden."

Maynard claimed more than half of the students relied on scholarships.

Combine that with oversight expenses and she said the math didn't make sense.

However, parents said someone gave a very generous donation. They want to know what happened.

"I believe the bequest that was left was left to the parish, and not the school," Shanley said.

In a press release, the archdiocese said that while Saints Peter and Paul will close, a new middle school will open.

Officials said Sacred Heart Middle School, a division of Sacred Heart High School, will be open to students in grades 6, 7, and 8 starting in September.

It’ll be located on the second floor of the high school, and will run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Students who are in the primary grades currently at Saints Peter and Paul will be able to attend any of the other Catholic elementary schools in Waterbury.

Parents said the worry now is that those schools will be overcrowded.

The parish said it has no plans for the building after the school closes.

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