MONTVILLE, CT (WFSB) -- School starts in two weeks for Montville students, and so does a re-enforced school busing policy, but some parents aren’t happy about.

Last May, the school board approved updates in the school district’s busing policy.

Students in kindergarten through fifth grade who live up to 1 mile away from school will walk, and students in grades sixth through 12 living up to 1.5 miles away will walk.

Parents got a letter at the end of May from the school superintendent reminding them of the changes.

The letter said:

  • We will increase the number of students who walk to school
  • We will enforce the expectation that students walk to group bus stops in order to reduce the number of times buses stop and the number of small side roads which buses travel down
  • We can no longer provide elective transportation to RMMS, Isaac, Middle College Magnet or Marine Science Magnet School

Some parents don’t agree with the changes.

“I don’t think that should be unless the parents walk with them,” said Noreen Clarno, a concerned grandmother.

Parents also said without sidewalks, it’s not safe to walk, and driving students doesn’t solve problems for some parents either.

“I believe the buses should make arrangements to actually pick up the kids. They shouldn’t be walking, not in Montville,” said parent Liz Battle.

Those who will be taking the bus will be getting letters soon confirming the routes and their bus stops.

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Safety should be the first consideration for these children. Do the roads that are being walked on by these children from 5 yrs old on, have sidewalks? I bet some don't. In the winter they will become even more dangerous if they don't have sidewalks plus it stays darker in the AM longer in the dead of winter. Grouping of bus stops closer to the school might be better than complete elimination.

Jame Gumb

Gee. That's how it was back in the 70's and 80's here in CT. Glad to see some districts going back to the old ways. There's no need to stop 40 times on one street like a limo service, and it'll fight childhood obesity.


In this day and age it is way too dangerous for children to be walking to school with out a parent or school monitor in charged of walking the kids. You have bully's and kidnappers out there. I don't care of what town it is it is not safe. We live in a different world now. It would cost more to hire a police officer to be with the kids. Maybe reworking the route and have larger group pick ups. I say no to kids walking.

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