Parents upset after racist message found inside Somers school

A racial message was found inside Somers High School recently (WFSB)

A racist message written on the boy’s locker room wall of Somers High School is being investigated.

A few of parents have voiced their concerns over racial issues recently with the Somers school district, and now the school is trying to figure out who is responsible for the hateful words.

The message was found last week. A parent sent a photo of the message to Eyewitness News, which shows inappropriate language.

"I just want the racism to stop. Like it's not okay to call black kids the ‘N’ word and just laugh about it. Like that's just not okay at all,” said Zamani Simpson, a senior at Somers High School.

Zamani's mother, Wanda Cobbs said the recent graffiti is just the tip of the problem.

She said there is a group of black students from the Hartford area who have taken advantage of the CREC schools program, which allows them to attend other districts like Somers.

Cobbs said her daughter was called an “ungrateful ‘N’ word” by another student recently in a message that was sent to other students. That student got a five-day suspension.

Even though her daughter is graduating soon, Cobbs said she is fearful that the messages could translate to physical harm of black students in the future.

"Last year with the same daughter, one of the students was walking by her and slapped all of her books out of her hands. So she stopped and told him to pick them up. He said no and called her the ‘N’ word,” Cobbs said.

School officials said 12 students who used the lavatory where the message was found that morning were spoken with, and their parents have been contacted.

The school's statement said in part "the administration called the parents of the student who reported the graffiti immediately to inform them that the issue was being urgently addressed. The administration also offered to parents counseling and support services for their child."

Officials continued to say the graffiti was removed immediately.

"I don't want an apology but they need to make it up to my daughter in every way possible,” Cobbs said.

She added that she feels the administration needs training in addressing these issues and she is looking for counseling outside the school system.

Zamani says the words are not going to impede her future

"I'm going to go to UHart after I finish high school. (I’m) Studying law and criminal justice,” she said.

The school superintendent reiterated that this issue was addressed immediately and they will continue their investigation.

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