Patricia checks out the history of Winchester

The town of Winchester has a lot of history (WFSB)

On Thursday, Channel 3 took 20 Towns in Twenty Days to Winchester, a jewel of Litchfield County.

It's about a 45-minute drive from Hartford, and in some ways, it looks like you are being taken back in time.

But make no mistake, it’s a town that's seeing a rebirth.

Whiting Mill was once a dilapidated former factory. It is now refurbished and considered the best artist colony in New England.

You know those pictures on the covers of best-selling novels? The artist who makes them is in Winchester.

The studio also uses locally picked vines to makes one of a kind furniture.

One old factory is also now the future home of a brewery. The mayor says Winchester is a town with a Cinderella story.

"These investors, developers are people coming in. We're part of a new Winchester. The part we're growing to be,” said Winchester Mayor Candy Perez.

Whether you live here or are just visiting, a can't-miss place is the Winsted Diner. It’s 87 years old and one of the smallest in the country, at 400 square feet.

“There's not too many of these left in the United States. Two or three maybe, there's not a lot and a lot of people look them up,” said Winsted Diner owner Asa Flint.

What it lacks in size, it makes up in character, even down to the tiny bar stools, most of it is original.

There’s more old school in Winchester… Those labels that are sewn in the back of clothing were invented in Winchester at the Sterling Name Tape Company.

It’s been around since 1901.

Jim Barrett's grandfather figured there had to be a way to put your name on clothes without the ink staining the garment.

"He had some cotton tape back in his print shop, so he started doing the world's first printed name tapes,” said Barrett, who is now president of Sterling Name Tape Company.

Besides the vintage, is the new.

There will soon be the largest indoor collaborative mural in the world on a wall in Winchester. It’s called the American Mural Project, at 120 feet long and 5 stories high. It's a tribute to American workers and it will be part of an interactive museum.

"I don't want one kid coming here on a field trip and not creating something that they take back with them, something tangible to say I was at the American Mural Project today and this is what I did,” said creator Ellen Griesedieck.

Finally, from indoor beauty to outdoor loveliness is Winchester’s Highland Lake.

A breathtaking 3 miles long, it's known as one of the best trophy trout and bass fishing spots in the state and boating and water skiing and brings people from all over for a visit.

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