Report: Connecticut police stopping minorities at high rates

(WFSB File Photo)

Connecticut man was arrested after police said he made threatening comments on Friday morning.

Matthew Passmore, of Fairfield, was charged with second-degree breach of peace, second-degree threatening and interfering with police.

The arrest comes after a man, who was later identified as Passmore, was heard yelling out a window on Sherman Street near the police station around 7 a.m.

Police said Passmore made comments about police, killing people and for officers to "put their hands up." He was also accused of making "racist comments directed towards African Americans."

The comments by Passmore were heard by police and nearby residents. During their investigation, police learned that Passmore made made these comments "because the police woke him up with the activity in the rear lot."

There was a struggle between Passmore and officers when police arrived at his home on Friday morning.

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