PD: Teen accused of mutilating bunny in Bristol

A teen is charged with mutilating a bunny in Bristol (submitted)

Police arrested a 13-year-old boy after police said he killed and mutilated a bunny in Bristol on Sunday.

The unidentified boy, who lives in Bristol, was charged with animal cruelty on Monday after the discovery of a social post.

The graphic video clip that was shared and viewed thousands of times on Facebook shows the teen shooting a bunny with a BB gun, and then cutting it with hedge clippers.

The video was taken in Bristol outside of a home over the weekend.

The teenager has been issued a summons and given a court date at juvenile court in New Britain.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing.

The video has many people wondering what could cause a teen to do something so graphic.

Eyewitness News spoke with Dr. Laura Saunders, a psychologist of the Institute of Living, who shed some light on the issue.

"There really is something to be said for the level of moral development. So by the time someone is a teenager they should have that perspective that their actions can harm another being. In this case an animal," Saunders said.

She says they look for patterns of behaviors, if this has happened more than once, as this could be a red flag later in life.

“It is considered one of the three serious factors that contribute to later psychopathology. Harm to animals, aggression and fire setting are the three factors that are considered to be most serious,” Saunders said.

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