HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - After three Hartford high school students got sick from eating pot brownies, the question remains, where did it come from?

For parents, we are going to show you what to look for if you suspect your child came home with a tainted baked good.

Hartford police are still trying to find out where this brownie came from on Tuesday, now, on Monday a student said he picked it up at a corner store.

Three kids got extremely sick.

A pharmacist said it's what happens when marijuana is not monitored and you consume too much.

Pharmacist Al Domeika with Prime Wellness of Connecticut asks if people can tell the difference just by looking at it.

“You can't tell the difference if it's out of its packaging whether it's a normal brownie or one that's medicated,” said Domeika.

Prime Wellness of CT is one of 9 marijuana dispensaries in the state.

Medical marijuana is packaged and put in child resistant packaging.

Domeika says if the brownie has marijuana in it, it might taste differently.

“It’s not a pleasant taste. Kind of a skunky, bitter taste to it,” Domeika said.

It might have a different smell.

“I think it depends on how it's prepared. There are some edible products that do have a distinct marijuana smell to it,” said Domeika.

We sat down with him after a total of three Bulkeley High School students in Hartford got sick by eating a brownie this week.

Yesterday, two teen girls left school with permission and ate a brownie possibly laced with weed. They felt sick and went to the hospital.

We talked to school officials today and they're still trying to figure out where the baked good came from.

On Monday, a 15-year-old girl was taken to the hospital after eating a pot brownie during school.

It was given to her by another student, the teen boy has been suspended and could later be expelled.

The boy claims he got it at a corner store.

If you think your child ate a pot brownie, look for signs and symptoms like feeling nauseous and having trouble walking.

“They can get silly and maybe laugh at things not as funny as they should be and for younger children, monitor breathing. It can reduce the breathing,” Domeika said.

We talked to the Hartford Public School spokesperson today who says they don't have any new information at this time, just that the girls are cooperating with police.

We reached out to police, they tell us they're still investigating.

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