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STAMFORD, CT (WFSB) - State experts participated in a discussion with the governor about the future of Connecticut's economy, which now includes a major tobacco company moving its U.S. headquarters to the state.

Philip Morris International announced the relocation Tuesday and said it plans to bring 200 jobs with it.

Gov. Ned Lamont was involved in a discussion about that and more which featured AdvanceCT's Indra Nooyi, James Smith and Peter Denious.

State experts participated in a discussion with the governor about the future of Connecticut's economy, which now includes a major tobacco company moving its headquarters to the state.

Philip Morris International said its new headquarters is expected to be operational by next summer.

“Connecticut offers a valuable mix of technological know-how, future-forward thinking, and an open-minded approach to problem-solving,” said Jacek Olczak, CEO of PMI. “We consider it an ideal location for our new U.S. head office, where we will be working to more quickly achieve our vision of a smoke-free future. We are excited about what the state has to offer our company, our employees, and their families—and we very much look forward to integrating into the community in a meaningful way.”

Olczak said the new base in Connecticut will serve to accelerate the company's progress.

"Beyond replacing cigarettes with better alternatives, we intend to draw on our expertise in life and medical sciences to develop solutions in areas that include respiratory drug delivery and botanicals," he said. "Through our product innovations, sustainability leadership, people-centered employment practices, and community involvement, we intend to be a source of pride for the state.”

The new office, which is also PMI’s headquarters, will house the Americas teams and members of other corporate functions.

PMI’s operations center will remain in Lausanne, Switzerland, to continue to support the business across the globe.

The company said it employs a workforce of more than 71,000 worldwide.

“Philip Morris International’s move to Southwest Connecticut will bring approximately 200 good-paying jobs that will boost our economy and augment the tax base which funds our schools, infrastructure, and essential community services,” said Rep. Jim Himes. “As our area recovers from COVID-19, I’m pleased to see new economic investment in our community, and thank Gov. Lamont for his laser-like focus.”

AdvanceCT describes itself as a nonprofit organization that works to engage, retrain and recruit businesses and advance overall economic competitiveness in the state.

It was known as the Connecticut Economic Resource Center before rebranding itself last year.

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(6) comments


"Hey look, CT legalized pot. Let's go move over there and corner the market like those guys did in Colorado" Always curious how we try to stop smoking then invite in a company who that is their business.

Brian C. Duffy

New York legalized pot before CT. The company is moving "beyond cigarettes." It helps to read the article first.


You know pot isn't cigarettes right? Helps to have a little formal knowledge of the item being discussed. Also, New York is not relevant to the discussion as the topic is a cigarette/tobacco company moving into CT, not NY and the whole Healthy CT movement was about improving the health and welfare of CT residents. Stay on target.

Brian C. Duffy

You made the dumb pot 'joke', Fielding. I pointed out the move from NY to CT and the company "smoke-free future" statement. And I guarantee you, I have much more first hand experience - past and present - with tobacco and cannabis than you.

Brian Duffy ~~ Tariffville, CT


Ah here we are again Mr. Duffy Getting all Huffy. If you knew it was a pot joke, why did you choose to willingly fall into it? For all your experience, those are some real rookie mistakes. Don't worry though, for all your experience I'm sure someone will thinking something of you other than what a joke your constant negative posting and failed attention grabs are.

Brian C. Duffy

I'm accountable for my posts. A rarity on these sites. Comments section will be gone from here soon when WFSB sale goes through in a few months. A good thing indeed. In the meantime, I'll continue to double down .

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