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I think because of the stuff in the garbage they should have boots on the dogs even if only those rubber ones, I know in 9-11 they put boots on the search dogs cause of the things that could hurt the pups paws, just a suggestion, and you guys are doing a great job, you are the best and so are the dogs helping you. Without you and your dogs a lot of crimes and people would never be solved and found. thank you for all your work and the long hours you are putting in. I do not know the Dulos family but I feel for them the pain her mother, relatives and the children must be going through the not knowing what happened to her, I am sure by now you can imagine what her faint was but it would be a blessing to find her and give her the proper burial for her and her close family. Abuse and domestic violence has to stop and the laws need to get better, really they always feel sorry for the offender and batterer and all their rights like with their kids. It is about time they listen to the women in most cases and the same thing you hear that they are on medication. I am sure a lot more of us would be too if we had to deal with someone hostile towards us. And I have always said and still believe it that a child really doesn't need both parents and I wish the courts would stop mandating that it is better to have one good and loving parent, than be around one that abuses, yells, and shows negative parenting and relationship skills. I am praying and thinking of the family of Jennifer and I am also praying every day they will find her, and the right person will be brought to justice very soon.

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