Pilots are often trained at facility in CT


Sunday’s helicopter crash in New York’s East River remains under investigation after five people were killed.

The pilot who survived is from Connecticut.

Another link to CT is that many pilots and crews train for water crashes at a unique facility in Connecticut.

Pilots from all over the world, especially around metro New York, can come and train for that experience, just in case their aircraft ditches in the water.

At the facility, specially designed simulators can be configured to mock-up an airplane or a helicopter.

Pilots and crew can safely train to escape, while strapped inside the simulator that is immersed in the water, even under simulated diverse weather conditions.

The company, which trains private pilots for escaping water ditching’s, were unable to talk about whether or not they trained 33-year-old helicopter pilot Richard Vance who’s helicopter with five on board flipped upside down in the water Sunday.

“Well, it appeared to happen very rapidly. There was an impact on the surface of the water and the aircraft rolled upside down suddenly in the water is cold. So, there was probably a moment or two of confusion trying to figure out what was going on,” said training coordinator Jon Ehm.

Ehm said they train pilots over and over to a point where they can quickly react even under adverse pressure.

“It’s difficult to train the disorientation away. But what you can do after having experience it and knowing what to do to overcome the disorientation when you’re experiencing that’s when the training is really valuable,” Ehm said.

The firm also utilizes the 14-foot tank for corporate team building exercises.

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