Plainville administrators camp out for good cause

Some Plainville administrators camped out on the roof of a school Thursday night (WFSB)

Administrators in Plainville went to new heights to reward their students for raising money for hurricane relief efforts.

A number of the administrators spent Thursday night on the roof of Plainville High School.

The reason was their students who helped put them up on the roof by raising a good amount of money, and on Thursday the administrators came prepared.

“I got a nice comfy chair, blankets, parkas, hat. I’m not going to get cold,” said Superintendent Maureen Brummet.

On the roof were a campfire, a tent and some comforts of home.

“My laptop, my cell phone so I can talk to my wife and kids at home, a book. We still have the conveniences of Wi-Fi so we’ll be able to watch Thursday night football and get some work done,” said Plainville High School Principal Roberto Medic.

It’s all to create a campsite a little closer to the stars than usual.

Seven administrators, from principals to the superintendent, roughed it for their students.

The Connecticut Association of Schools challenged districts across the state to help raise funds for hurricane victims.

“The support from the community has been outstanding,” Medic said.

He came up with the roof-top camp-out idea, putting the challenge to his students.

“For $500 they would get myself and our Athletic Director Chris Farrell. $750 got one of our Assistant Principals, Carl Johnson,” Medic said.

But they didn’t stop there.

Schools in the district raised about $2,500, which put Superintendent Maureen Brummet on the roof.

“I’m not much of a camper. This is truly for the kids,” she said.

While some of the students were there to wish everyone a good night, others will get a good morning greeting when they get off the bus.

All of the money will go directly to three schools impacted by the hurricanes in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.

The Connecticut Association of Schools plans to recognize the district that raises the most.

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