Plainville residents complaining about quality of water

Residents say the water is taking a toll on their appliances and hardware (WFSB)

Dozens of Plainville homeowners claim their water stinks, literally and figuratively.

The town manager is now looking into the issue, even as the water company claims there is no problem.

It appears the issue mainly impacts people in the southeast portion of town, where more than 60 people have complained.

They said the water is disgusting and has actually cost them major money.

“It's very hard, it tastes disgusting, it ruins all our appliances,” said Stephanie Blais, who said she loves her neighborhood, but said the water has cost her serious money.

She spent more than $2,000 on a water softener after a plumber told her the tap is hard and high in minerals like chlorine and iron.

“The water is softer but I still don't drink it because it tastes disgusting,” Blais said.

Even after buying the softener, the corrosion in her first floor bathroom is so bad she can’t use the shower because it leaks.

She said when she complained, her water company Valley Water wasn’t very sympathetic.

Town Manager Robert Lee is investigating the water quality in some sections of Plainville.

“People have complained about the taste, they've complained about the smell. The big complaint though is the impact that it's having on the fixtures in their homes,” Lee said.

He will meet with the Department of Health and Valley Water leaders later this month to see if there is a big problem and how to address it.

The president of Valley Water told Eyewitness News that only about three people have complained to the water company in recent months, and added that he looks forward to meeting with the town manager.

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