PLYMOUTH, CT (WFSB) - A community shaken after a shooting leaves a high school student dead and their sibling in critical condition.

Now, a mother is facing murder charges.

The shocking story unfolded in the small town of Plymouth last night.

43-year old Naomi Bell has now been charged with murder and criminal attempt to commit murder.

When Eyewitness News spoke to neighbors about Naomi Bell and her children, they had nothing but positive things to say about the family, and that makes what happened last night that much harder for these neighbors to wrap their head around.

Talk to anyone of any age on Main Street in Terryville and they've got some special memories with the Bell family.

"I'd see some of the kids there and she would tell my sister to play with the other kids," Plymouth resident Michael Feola tells us.

"Braiding your daughter's hair, baking chocolate chips. They were a great family and she was a great mom," Plymouth resident Victoria Nadolski stated.

So after last night, only one question is on everyone's mind: what happened?

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"It's pretty heartbreaking and it's sad how a family could do that," continued Feola.

"I feel numb. It's hard," explained Nadolski.

There's still so much for these neighbors to process, so many conflicting emotions, but the Main Street -Terryville community is doing its best to move forward.

"Everyone in the community has reached out to us or reached out to them. We have prayers for Plymouth. We have kindness acts in this town. Everyone is coming together to comfort and support, and help one another in any way that we can," said Nadolski.

And while the future for the Bells remains uncertain, the support from their extended family is anything but.

"We're here for the family. If there's anything that they could possibly need, we want to extend our help," Terryville resident Michael Nadolski added.

A virtual candlelight vigil will take place tomorrow at 4 p.m.

It will be livestreamed via Facebook by the Terryville Congregational Church.


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Well Educated Liberal

Yet another senseless murder by a nutcase reich wing neocon with a gun. Blood is on the hands of the nra, drumpftler and every deplorable redneck that voted for him.

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And blood is on the hands of every democrat that voted for infanticide. Look at the voting record of the Sasse bill. Look who is in favor of it in MA. BTW her political views weren't included in any article I've read. Care to elaborate on your conjecture? At least I can substantiate my facts.



Well Educated Liberal

Gun owner = Hate filled, ignorant, violent, uneducated, bigoted, toothless rethugliklan, redneck drumpftler voter. FACTS!

#Biden/Harris2020 #RidinWithBiden #GoJoe! #WearYourMask #BlackLivesMatter #ByeDon! #EndOfAnError #VoteBlueNoMatterWho #BlueWave #FreedomFromReligion #SocialismNOW #BanAllGuns #WillYouShutUpMan



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