Police, city leaders to discuss violence in Meriden


Many residents in Meriden said they feel there has been an increase in crime recently and they are hoping to get answers at a meeting with local leaders on Tuesday night.

The town hall meeting will feature a question and answer session with police and city leaders. The focus of the meeting will be on violent crime and gang activity, which people in the city said they feel is on the rise.

"This generation here now, it's a lot more, careless. [They] don't care, want to walk to store, children playing,” Regina Morris, of Meriden, said. “I'm very concerned."

Earlier this summer, there were a number of shootings, including three in a 24-hour period.

"A rise in the shootings, which I think plays into the gang violence, so I'm concerned about that,” Jennifer Grimes, of Meriden, said.

Grimes, who is a mother of four, was at the city council meeting on Monday night and added she'll be at the town hall question and answer on Tuesday night.

Grimes said it’s not just the violence and crime, but plenty were also upset about what they said is a lack of transparency when it comes keeping the public up to date.

"Finding out about something in the newspaper two or three days later doesn't help me keep my children safe,” Grimes said.

Late last month, Meriden’s police chief posted a letter on the department's Facebook page to provide an update. In the letter, he stated it was a small core group responsible for most of the violence in Meriden.

Police chief Jeffry Cossette said many of that group are now behind bars and that state, local, and federal agencies were working together on the violence. Foot patrols were also underway in targeted neighborhoods.

"It's not us against them. We want to be a community that comes together and figure out the problems and try to solve them together,” Grimes said. "We're not just going to sit in our homes and just wait for it to go away."

The meeting will take place at Washington Middle School at 5:30 p.m.

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