PLYMOUTH, CT (WFSB) – Buddy the Beefalo has yet to be captured in Plymouth.

The Plymouth Police Department is continuing their efforts to capture the animal so it can be sent to an animal sanctuary in Florida.

The department has set up grain at the entrance of a trailer in hopes that the beefalo will go inside the trailer and be captured with ease.

Captain Edward Benecchi said on Tuesday that he will be extending the fence that has been established around the trailer and they will begin to move the food inside the trailer by the end of the week.

Beefalo Sighting: Here is an update on Buddy. He is currently still loose. However, he has found the grain we have...

Posted by Plymouth Police Department on Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Capt. Benecchi said he hopes that Buddy will be captured in about two weeks.

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Buddy, who is a cross between a bison and a domestic cattle, escaped from a processing facility in August.

The Plymouth Police Union set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to help purchase Buddy from its owner.

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A local resident spotted Buddy on his trail camera on Sept. 12 near Route 72 in Terryville.

See more videos of Buddy the Beefalo here.

Police said Sept. 12 was the last known time Buddy cross over Route 72.

The GoFundMe was no longer accepting donations as it raised its goal of $8,500.

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rick be

Is anyone surprised that the beast is smarter than the Plymouth cops?

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