HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - As church leaders, politicians and people living in the middle of gun violence in Hartford plead for it to stop, police released new details on Monday.

Five people were shot over the weekend at the Majestic Lounge, a nightclub in the city's south end.

One of the victims, a 28-year-old man, died. He's been identified as Marquis Treadwell, of Hartford.

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The four other victims have not been identified, but range in ages from 19 to 34 years old. One of the victims, a woman, was shot nine times and is expected to recover.

On Monday night, police announced an arrest in the deadly shooting.

The suspect has been identified as 31-year-old Joshua Saez. He is charged with the murder of Treadwell, as well of the shooting of his female companion, and an unintended victim. 

Saez was also struck by gunfire during the incident. He was located in a crashed car shortly after the shooting on Maple Avenue and Franklin Avenue. 

He was charged with murder, criminal attempt of murder and several other charges. He is being held on a $1.75 million bond. 

A memorial of candles and a photo was seen outside the Franklin Avenue club following the shooting.

Majestic Lounge victim

A memorial was put up outside of the Majestic Lounge in Hartford where a 28-year-old man was killed in a shooting over the weekend.

Hartford police said there have been issues at the nightclub before, which was the reason officers were on watch outside and able to quickly respond.

"There's been some challenges at that particular location," Hartford Police Lt. Paul Cicero said.

Police responded after a person was shot on Oct. 4, followed by separate incidents, a stabbing and then shots fired, on Oct. 19.

Now, Cicero said police will require Majestic Lounge to hire four officers for security. A city ordinance gives police this authority.

The ordinance has been in place for years because "the city has experienced significant problems with security and illegal activity within and surrounding... Businesses open between the hours of 11:30 p.m. and 5 a.m."

Police can require the officers for four weeks before another review. They must consider the nature of the incidents, including possible violence or whether people were injured. They can also look at a business’ history and cooperation from the owner.

Rev. Henry Brown called for solutions over the weekend.

"It seems like we all gather at funerals, we gather at nightclubs, but we don’t gather to stop violence and that’s frustrating," Brown said.

One of the most recent items being proposed is an ammunition tax.

The 35-percent excise tax would help fund community groups and school programs in urban areas where gun violence is prevalent.

Pro-gun groups, like the Connecticut Citizens Defense League, believe something like that won't work as intended.

"The proposed legislation will not prevent any criminal from illegally obtaining guns or ammunition that has intent to commit violent crimes," the CCDL told Channel 3.

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Over the weekend, Mayor Luke Bronin said the weapons used in the shooting were illegal handguns. However, Hartford police clarified they believe the mayor meant that it is illegal to have a handgun inside the nightclub.

Politicians offered comments and sympathies following the shooting.

"Praying for a speedy recovery for those injured and I am thinking of the family of the victim," said Rep. John Larson. "We must end gun violence."

On Monday, the owner of the lounge did not offer a comment.

Mother's United Against Violence is planning a vigil for Tuesday at 6 p.m.

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(23) comments


Save the most violent and most dangerous people from themselves: disarm black people now.

The left will get their precious gun-confiscation, but you wont be punishing the innocent.


Blaming guns or ammunition is both irrational and cowardly.


If we are going to go this way on guns, why not go the same way ith everything else? Tobacco, alcohol, sugary and high fat foods, knives, stun spray, etc.. Sound good?


To those leaders who are able to change laws... Do you really think that by taxing 35% in ammo will reduce crime? If your answer is YES... Then you're part of the Problem Not the solution...


Agree 100%. People who come up with this type of "solution" are not thinking out the problem.


What everyone does not seem to "get" is that you are not going to six "gun violence" until you fix PEOPLE!! It starts at home, then it moves to what they are NOT teaching in schools....................... so sad, so very sad


Urban "gun" violence is nothing but a symptom of urban parents failing to raise their offspring properly. Way too many juvenile delinquents in Hartford and it has nothing to do with poverty and everything to do with parents who could not care less about raising their children to obey the law.


Not all parents who live in hartford raise their kids to not obey the law! Thats not true at all. Im from hartford and i have the utmost respect for the law...and so do my children.IM the one who is scared for my kids to go out of the door each day to school.because "the law" doesnt like african americans and my kids already have two strikes against them.they are black and they are male.so when they get older they will already be labeled as "aggressive" and "violent" even if they DO ovey the law.so...having said that,not all parents who are from hartford teach their kids to disregard the law! We (black&brown people) some of us are afraid of them so WHY would we teach our kids to not listen to them. They kill kids too you know?


You think we actually need to TEACH not to act like third world tyrants?

Pathetic. YOU are as much a part of the problem as the low-IQers doing the violence.

Shall Not Be Infringed

"I’m angry, I’m frustrated, I'm really embarrassed... we keep talking about gun violence, but we won't find any solutions," said Rev. Henry Brown. "It seems like we all gather at funerals, we gather at nightclubs, but we don’t gather to stop violence and that’s frustrating," Brown said. Mr. Brown needs to change every reference to "we" substituting it with "I". It all comes to roost on your shoulders when you protest the cops who are often forced to kill these criminals or you fight to keep "little Johnny" out of prison, where he belongs. Thanks to liberal laws and revolving doors at detention facilities these criminals don't fear the police, they don't fear the courts and they do not fear prison. They must be taught to fear the intended victim. Until Mr. Brown personally picks up the fight and takes it to the core of these dangerous neighborhoods he should shut up and take the handcuffs off of the police.


Read the WHOLE amendment. "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." And, don't forget those first words.


They want to use a tragedy to push an ammo tax. Those people should be ashamed of themselves. If something like that happens most gun owners are simply going to purchase out of state ammo. It doesnt take a genius to figure that out.

How do you solve this problem? You cant solve it by further restricting our rights. As a 2A supporter I wouldnt suggest encouraging people at night clubs to carry. But night club bouncers and bartenders should be allowed to carry. That in and of itself would discourage criminals from shooting up night clubs.


They just want to tax white people and give it to minorities who will continue to shoot each other regardless.


Woah! That was kind of a racist thing to say.you say we (minoritys) shoot each other??? But would it be racist of me to say white people shoot EVERYBODY!! Whites get taxed right? You pay the tax get the guns...and shoot up entire schools.i just for the life of me dont get why we are always getting labeled as violent when its the whites who do the mass murdering.now dont get me wrong there are some minoritys who are bad yes. But you cant lump us all together.if you sit and REALLY watch the news you will see for yourself who shootin' up schools, killing their kids, and all that. Say what u want.it's all facts!

rick be

Every man and woman should be permitted to carry,until they break a law.

Only then should their Constitutional Right be infringed.


Yeah, more gun laws and gun related taxes cause that's worked so far. I'd tell ya how to fix it but Channel 3 would just delete my post because like most liberals, they don't want to hear the truth...

Brian C. Duffy

I always want to hear the truth but real truth is never disseminated by anonymous posters on the internet.

Brian Duffy ~ Tariffville, CT

rick be

You might find more truth here,surely more than in the Courant.

rick be

You could easily find more truth here than in the Courant or on Channel 3.

Brian C. Duffy

I put my real name on my comments Baldwin, you and the other "courageously" anonymous posters don't. That automatically invalidates your "truth".

Brian Duffy ~ Tariffville, CT


That was ill-conceived.


"I keep being refuted in every way but because they didn't use a real name I actually won the argument."

Brian C. Duffy

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