WATERBURY, CT (WFSB) - State police and the New Britain state's attorney are investigating a deadly officer-involved shooting in Waterbury.

According to state police, a Waterbury police officer shot and killed a man living in a home off of Craigie Avenue on Monday afternoon.

He was identified on Tuesday as 57-year-old Edward Gendron.

It marked the third time a person died during an officer-involved shooting in Connecticut this year.

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Investigators were on the scene into the overnight hours.

Waterbury officers were called to the multi-family home a little past noon.

The property manager told them that a tenant found a bullet hole between a common wall.

When police arrived, troopers said there was a struggle between an officer and one of the tenants. It ended with the officer shooting and killing the person.

The officer was identified as Officer Ronald W. Tompkins III, who has been a member of the department since 1989.

"I heard a couple of shots," said a neighbor who only wanted to be identified as Christian. "I was a little worried, I didn’t know what was going on."

A preliminary police report showed that the suspect was armed. A gun was also found at the scene.

Channel 3 was told that the tenant was a registered gun owner.

"There’s a new group of people living in there with him," said Neves, another neighbor. "Just a lot of things were going on, it just wasn’t good."

Unlike the previous two shootings in the state, they won't be able to use body camera footage as part of the investigation. Body cams were not issued to Waterbury officers. Channel 3 learned that the Waterbury Police Department had a meeting set up with a company to look into getting them.

Police said they had been to the address before for other types of calls over the past few weeks.

They would not say what the calls were for or how many.

An eviction notice for a tenant at that address was filed in December. The notice said the tenant had unauthorized pets and roommates. It also said there was excessive noise from the defendant and/or his company, for which neighbors have been complaining.

The other two deadly officer-involved shootings in the state happened in Ansonia and West Haven earlier this month.

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(13) comments

Eyes On The Issues

The officer should spend the rest of his life in jail. How evil to kill a middle age man.


Crime is not bad enough! Resisting arrest is not bad enough. Now the news people are jumping on every story where a policeman had no choice but to shoot at the criminal. They surely did not do want to do it!! The easily impressionable, already angry people just blame our policemen, who are just doing their jobs. Surely they do not want to injure or kill people!!!

But when people need a policeman to protect them it is a different story.

News people stop adding fuel to the flames!!!!!!!!!!

Kenny Sunbright

Why are people so angry though? Could it be that this is happening much to often with current police practice and training being inadequate for the 21st century? I'm sure most officers don't want to harm anyone, but when all you have is a hammer everything becomes a nail. Its better this gets resolved through peaceful reform than having tempers flare up into violence latter on.


The police have no control over how many aggressive, dangerous people they will encounter. Aggression towards the police has consequences. Either control your aggressive impulses or pay the price. Not surprisingly, the ACLU blames the police for these incidents instead of the criminal aggressors who are directly responsible. What kind of society does the ACLU want us to have, one where the criminals come first? A society can not function without law and order and we need to thank our police departments every day for dealing with all these trouble makers.


Maybe they could lean some deescalation techniques? The police are NOT judge, jury and executioner. And, to think that is a problem.


De-escalation techniques only work if you have time! People please understand this- POLICE ARE HUMANS! They have families to get home to as well! If they think even for a split second, you are going to hurt them, they are going to hurt you first! You all know this, yet you expect police to play Russian roulette when you decide not to listen or cooperate with them. This is sadly another example of an unruly, disrespectful teen who decided to take his chance, and he lost. If a cop tell you to show your hands- do it! They say don't move-do it! It's simple! Also, don't try to outrun the cops- it doesn't work! This kid signed his own death certificate, like it or not. I'm married to a cop, and I'll let you in on a little secret- cops don't want to kill anyone! They are trained to assess situations, and react accordingly. In this case, that's exactly what happened. The kid had a choice to listen to the cop, he didnt, he reached for something, and got killed. Now everyone wants to pretend the kid was innocent, he was not! He could have easily been going for his own gun. If you have no skin in the game then you don't understand how the loved ones of law enforcement feel EVERY day. Our loved ones voluntarily put themselves in harm's way to protect you and your family. It makes me so angry that people automatically blame the cop, when the kid created the entire situation. So sick of seeing "the community" condemning cops, when they should be at home raising their kids to avoid situations like this! Stop crying over the "poor young man who lost his life", and focus your outrage where it belongs- young thugs, who have no respect for rules or authority. That punk could be easily killed many people on his little joy ride, but no one cares about that! It should be common sense, but obviously a certain subculture can't get it- if a cop tells you to do something, do it! Problem solved. While I feel for the family of the deceased, if they truly wanted to give him a legacy, it should be in what not to do! How many times do you need to see that if you make a cop fear for their life, you are getting shot! It's not a difficult concept at all. Most people get it. Take responsibility for your community and change it. The cop did nothing wrong, there is a very thin line between life and death for them daily. So go preach that at your "press conference"- STOP PUTTING COPS IN A POSITION WHERE THEY END UP SHOOTING YOU! JUST LISTEN AND DO AS YOU ARE TOLD! DON'T TRY TO REACH FOR SOMETHING, DON'T TRY TO RUN, DONT TRY TO BE COOL BC YOU END UP DEAD! THAT IS THE ONLY MESSAGE YOU SHOULD BE SPREADING!

Kenny Sunbright

This story is about a middle aged man.

If you mean the kid in New Haven you are part of the problem when you say "another example of an unruly, disrespectful teen who decided to take his chance, and he lost" & "young *****, who have no respect for rules or authority" Show me the proof your black and white thinking is actually doing the world any good when the US holds 25% of the world's prisoners despite being only 5% of the population as it spits out a steady stream of gore. Show me, because its clearly not working.

Kenny Sunbright

If every backwards thinker including you put this amount of effort into ending racism, getting rid of unjust laws, rehabilitation over punishment, community mental health treatment, bringing dads home and your husband could acknowledge mental illness as being real as well as coming to realize his training being woefully inadequate both you and your husband would have to worry about being in harms way. Or not making it home at the end of the day. Let alone the billions that would be saved every year.

And no, care to say the pest guy in phoenix was not complying? Philando Castile? All the cases where people are in the right to deny ID and get arrested by police who have zero understanding of the laws they enforce?

No one denies what the kid did was wrong and I doubt it was out of joy as you somehow wish. Could very well been a mental episode. Yes, people in a state of mental crisis have difficulty making sane decisions. Police did the right thing to end the chase when it become dangerous to other motorists. Bravo! However, whether shooting so quickly or not was justified remains to be seen. Given how police have a history of shoot first and ask questions latter people are well in the right to question the officer's actions.


I agree with you totally!!


Exactly! And people say cops "aren't judge, jury, executioner", then stop putting them in that position! Why should the cop give some punk, who tried to outrun them, the benefit of the doubt that he's not reaching for a gun? If one of the outraged can explain that to me, I'd appreciate it. This kid signed his own death certificate. The community should be outraged that another tragic death occurred bc these thugs refuse to respect authority! How about holding a rally to teach common sense! How about reviewing why this specific community has such a hard time following rules, and abiding by laws. That is the only way any of this stops, and it's so sad that rather than address the problem, they will try to make it a race issue, or try to say the cop was wrong. I'd challenge any of these sympathizers to live a day as a cop. Try stopping this type of kid from destroying himself and others. Try pulling someone over, have them run away, and take a dangerous joyride. Then catch them, tell them not to move, have them reach for something- then stop and think deeply about whether or not to shoot them. Nope! Not happening. If you reach for something after youve displayed you have zero intention of cooperating- you are getting shot! Funny, they wont use it as a lesson to their community, instead demonize the cops! And this is why they get killed by cops! Its not a coincidence!


"this specific community" Well, thanks for letting everyone know you judge people by the color of their skin. Your children will grow to be ashamed of you.


Actually, not judging people by their skin- but nice try, knew that was coming. Pointing out the truth about a community that for whatever reason, cannot get it together. It's actually not about race at all. There's plenty of white and Hispanic people that fall into that group too. It's a celebration of lawless, disrespectful, entitled lifestyle that is the problem. That is the group I'm referring too. You decided I was talking about black people, bc you have a preoccupation w race, not me. Keep my children out of your mouth. I'm entitled to my opinion, and I stand firmly behind it.

Kenny Sunbright

Police have control over their actions, and we have control over their training. Deescalation and crisis training can mean the difference between peaceful apprehension or multiple individuals being placed in harms way.

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