Colchester crash

A serious crash involving a motorcycle has closed part of Route 85 in Colchester. (WFSB)

COLCHESTER, CT (WFSB) -- A deadly crash involving a motorcycle closed a part of Route 85 in Colchester for several hours

The crash was reported around 3 p.m. on Thursday.

According to police, a man, identified as Ricky Ayala, died from injuries sustained in the crash. 

Ayala, 33, of Colchester, was driving north on Route 85 when he lost control of the motorcycle and went off the roadway. 

He was the only person involved in the crash. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact Troop K at 860-465-5400.

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How many more cyclists have to die or sustain TBI. Before CT has a Helmet law? Colchester this time.


Actually, I do not agree. We have SO many laws in this state already and I believe that every time you force the people to comply with a law, a bit of your liberty is taken away. I have ridden motorcycles for many years, 52 in fact and I do wear a helmet at times and sometimes not. I am an adult, I know that simply throwing a leg over a bike and going for a short ride is dangerous, even more so now with distracted driving.

I have lost MANY friends yes, but I do not agree that someone who has no clue about riding should make a decision as to how I wish to live my life.

We have far too many laws and the government has become a nanny to us instead of our making decisions for ourselves. And at this point I haven't heard if the young man was or wasn't wearing a helmet.

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