WATERBURY, CT (WFSB) – Waterbury police have arrested the person accused of beheading the Christopher Columbus statue.

On July 4 around 5:30 a.m., police were called to City Hall and found the head of the Christopher Columbus statue was broken off and on the ground.

Police obtained surveillance video that showed a suspect hitting the head of the statue with an unknown object before leaving. Several minutes later, the suspect returned, climbed up the statue, and struck the head several more times until it fell off. Police noticed the nose was missing from the head.

Police investigating after Waterbury's Christopher Columbus statue is beheaded

The suspect ran off and didn’t return.

Detectives later found that someone was trying to sell the broken off nose from the statue.

Police determined the suspect to be 22-year-old Brandon Ambrose of Port Chester, NY.

Ambrose turned himself into police on Thursday. 

He was charged with criminal mischief, desecration of property, and larceny. 

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(13) comments


Glad he was caught. Anyone want to take bets that the charges will be dismissed? Or that he'll be given "community service" rather than the jail sentence he richly deserves? Or that he won't have to pay for the damages he caused?


Larceny? For stealing the nose of the statue he decapitated? Wow! Someone breally wanted to make sure they threw everything at him that they could, eh. How about "unauthorized disassembly of public property?" Or maybe "climbing public property after sunset?" Perhaps "assault on a public figure?" After all, that law may not specify whether the 'public figure's is an actual living, breathing person.

I get it. Mr. Trump is up in arms about vandalism of public statues that reinforce the social status quo. But, The United States of America must dare to be uncomfortable. We must be willing to ask the difficult questions. It's up to our generation to open our eyes and our hearts so we might truly open our arms to embrace our fellows. We cannot do that until we take our eyes off our false idols. And any piece of metal or cloth that is defended as vigorously as these assorted and assundry statues and the flag of the Confederate traitors are indeed idolized by those who grasp onto them, shaking in fear lest they removed, to be replaced by fact and reason as any idolator would be repulsed by those things over their sacrisant beliefs.


"The United States of America must dare to be uncomfortable." No. Not interested. Feel free to be as uncomfortable as you wish. Leave me out of it. I have no desire to have my "eyes and heart opened" by rioters, looters, and arsonists. You and your friends are violent, antisocial, and profoundly and proudly ignorant of the history you so cavalierly destroy. Mr. Puppet, you are aptly named.

Brian C. Duffy

Commenting on a screen name, MiKKKe? Et Tu Hypocrite`?

Brian Duffy ~~ Tariffville, CT


Hey, WPD, why aren't there any hate crime charges? If one defaces a BLM mural/grafitti, it's a hate crime, why isn't this?

Well Educated Liberal

This is blatant RACISM on the part of the cops. Not that there is any surprise there. The #BLM movement has NEVER been violent! The protests were all civil and peaceful until drumpftler's henchmen showed up and started fighting, looting, burning and destroying property. All to try and frame the #BLM members. This poor man has been framed and is completely innocent. He needs to be released along with every other person of color illegally locked up.

#Biden/Obama2020 #HillaryIsMyPresident #ImStillWithHer #WearaMask #BlackLivesMatters #DumpDrumpf #NotMyPresident #VoteBlueNoMatterWHo #BlueWave #FreedomFromReligion


Nothing personal but I think he should have his head cut off.


"Have never been violent" ? Really? I saw a clip of a driver being surrounded by BLM protestors, who DEMANDED that the driver, a public official apologize or he would not be "allowed" to proceed.

BLM protestors will not be satisfied until George Floyd's birthday becomes a national holiday and his face appears on Time magazine's cover as "Man of the Year".


"The #BLM movement has NEVER been violent!" This is the most blatant lie I have ever seen in print.


Crime of the century huh?


Why are there no pictures of "Brandon Ambrose"? How are we supposed to find him if we don't know what he looks like? Or perhaps we are not supposed to find him!


" Or perhaps we are not supposed to find him!"

You got that right, Mike!


Let’s cut his head off.

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