Police investigating Craigslist robbery

Police are investigating Craigslist robbery this week. (WFSB)

A Craigslist sale goes south in the capital city as shots ring out this week.

The Hartford Police Department is trying to find those responsible while making people aware there is a safer way to conduct these types of transactions.

"Some people saw a car for sale online on Craigslist and they met over on Woodland Drive to try to purchase the car,” Hartford Police Deputy Chief Brian Foley said. “Their instincts kicked in at some point, realized something was wrong and got out of there."

Police said while driving away, shots were fired at their van as two men chased them. They rushed to Saint Francis Hospital for help.

"If I'm ever meeting a stranger, I'd meet him in public,” Dakota Rehmer, of Hartford, said. “Why would you meet him in a designated area that they know?"

This week’s incident wasn’t the first incident like this in the city of Hartford. In 2013, 39-year-old Felix DeJesus was murdered after trying to sell two T-Mobile tablets. The father of two was shot in the head inside his car.

Shortly after, Hartford Police Department was the first department in the northeast to offer its parking lot and lobby as a safe place to buy and sell.

"Yes, it's been resoundingly successful,” Foley said. “Our robberies have dropped compared to other cities and as to what issues we've had in the parking lot with those transactions...zero, none."

As police continue to look for the suspects, people in the community said they think a designated safe spot for these types of transactions is a very smart idea.

"Yeah, that sounds like a good idea vs some random place that people put up,” Rehmer said.

"I think that's good for the community so it makes them feel more safer," Raneisha Bender, of Hartford, said.

If you're buying or selling, Foley said if the person does not want to meet to you at High Street, consider it a major red flag.

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