BRISTOL, CT (WFSB) – Police in Bristol are investigating possible tainted dog treats left in a backyard.

Officers responded to a home on Council Ring Drive on Monday morning after a homeowner stated someone may have intentionally left tainted milk bones in their yard.

Ashley Liistro says her two dogs, 6-year-old Buddy and 1-year-old Luna, are a little under the weather after eating dog treats in her yard. 

Liistro reported the animal control officer on Saturday that they had found partially consumed milk bones in their yard and their dog had become ill shortly after eating them.

"They both have been throwing up profusely since Saturday," Liistro said. 

She says the treats the dogs ate are not the ones she buys. 

"I thought I got to them before they did, but they must have ingested some of them because they've been throwing up ever since," Liistro said. 

The bones had a toxic odor and were discarded by Liistro before contacting police.

"I found six dog bones and they were mushy, so I thought they had gotten wet and after smelling them they smelled like chemical, almost like bleach," Liistro said. 

Liistro said Buddy was hit the worst and had to be taken to the vet again. 

Now, she's in a few hundred dollars of vet bills. 

"I'm absolutely devastated. As you can see, he's been a little lethargic for the past few days. She's been more resilient, but just the way he's been mopping around I know he's not feeling well," Liistro said. 

Police said the animal control officer inspected the dog and it appeared healthy.

No similar incidents have been reported in the area.

Police said there are no suspects at this time.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Bristol police 860-584-3011.

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