A 22-year-old man with autism is back on land after going missing during a fishing trip nearly two weeks ago.

Nathan Carman arrived in Boston Tuesday morning.

He and his mother, Linda Carman, disappeared more than a week ago.

Nathan Carman was found by a freighter 100 miles south of Martha's Vineyard. He was brought to a port in Boston.

Officials do not believe Linda Carman survived and have called off search efforts.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Coast Guard officials met with Nathan Carman Tuesday morning to reunite him with his family.

Also on Tuesday, a search warrant was issued for the Vermont home of Nathan Carman. To read the search warrant, click here.

Investigators in Vermont searched Nathan's home and car. They removed a modem, SIM card, and a letter that was written by Nathan.

Court documents state Nathan knew his boat was in need of mechanical repairs and had been doing them himself, which could have potentially made the boat unsafe.

The U.S. Coast Guard also released a call made between officials and Nathan Carman. Listen here.

The documents show Linda and Nathan had different intentions about the final destination of their trip.

The search warrant indicates "Linda Carman told friends she and Nathan were going fishing at "striper rock" -- about 20 nautical miles off of Block Island.... but Nathan told a fellow boater at the marina that he intended to go to the Canyons -- nearly 100 nautical miles off shore."

It was nearly 10 days ago when the boat the mother and son were on took on water.

Carman told officials that he got into a life raft and looked for his mom to get into the life raft as well, but he couldn't find her.

The vessel sank in an area of Block Canyon, which is off the coast of New York.

Coast Guard officials said they searched an area of 62,000 nautical miles, a space larger than the state of Georgia.

Nathan Carman was found in good condition by a Chinese freighter on Sunday.

He was in a raft with food and water.

His mother had no such raft or any provisions for survival, officials said.

While officials said they want to interview Nathan Carman, he is not considered a suspect in his mother's disappearance. Officials spent about five hours with Carman on Tuesday.

A witness also said prior to the trip he never observed Nathan with any fishing gear.

Investigators believed they would find evidence relating to "operating a boat as to endanger, resulting in death," would be found in Nathan’s home.

Prominent Hartford attorney Hubery Santos is representing Carman and a lawyer from his office was present for the interview in Boston.

Nathan Carman was born in Middletown, where Linda Carman is from; however, in recent years he's been living in Vermont.

Unfortunately the family has been in the spotlight before because of a death investigation.

Back in 2013 Nathan’s grandfather John Chakalos died at his home on Overlook Drive in Windsor.

A $250,000 reward is still out there for info leading to arrest.

An investigative source familiar with the Chakalos case says Nathan was a primary person of interest in his grandfather’s death.

To see more photos of Nathan's arrival, click here.

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