BLOOMFIELD, CT (WFSB) – Police body camera footage was released on Tuesday following the arrest of a Bloomfield kennel owner.

Police said they seized 15 dogs from the Star Mountain Kennel in January. Their body camera footage shows dogs in cages stacked on top of one another.

Despite her arrest for animal cruelty, kennel owner Margaret Boisture maintained her innocence.

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When Bloomfield officers arrived at the kennel last month, they said they found 44 animals on the property: There were 38 dogs, 5 cats, and a goat.

Police said 15 of the dogs were found in conditions that broke the state’s cruelty laws.

Channel 3 obtained the body camera footage from police officers and the Bloomfield Animal Control officer who went into the Tunxis Avenue property after they received an arrest warrant.

The warrant for Boisture said the cages and pens she used to house the dogs were not big enough.

The warrant also said there were piles of soiled paper towels, covered and soaked in fresh urine and feces.

It went on to say there was grime, rust, and fecal matter in the wires of the cages.

Police said some dogs were standing in their own waste and there was evidence of over-kenneling.

Read the full search warrant here.

Officers also said Boisture did not have a permit to run a kennel and most of the dogs didn’t have up-to-date rabies vaccinations.

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Boisture was charged with 15 counts of cruelty to animals and 15 counts of excessive confinement. She was released on a $75,000 bond.

She filed a lawsuit against the town of Bloomfield and has received support from people across the country who believe she was wrongly prosecuted.

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Boisture's attorney said the images only speak of one moment and that there is another side to the story.

"I have not seen the video yet and therefore cannot comment about it," said attorney Jeffrey C. Kestenband. "I expect to receive the video from the State's Attorney's office on Ms. Boisture's next court date as part of the normal discovery process. After speaking with my client, however, it is important to remember that the images capture just one moment in time. They do not show what occurred in the hours and days before they were taken or the amount of time and effort that Ms. Boisture expends to care for all of the dogs, which is her passion. There is another side to this story -- one that will be supported by experts in the field -- and everyone should keep an open mind until all the facts become known."

Stay with Channel 3 for updates.

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(8) comments


Her dogs and kennel are kept in pristine condition. The ACO known as 'Sparks' withheld what we ranchers would call 'morning chores' just so they good snoop and try and get so called evidence for a useless case. Morning chores consist of cleaning up after puppies, letting the animals out, and even feeding them. Of *course* there is going to be feces and maybe even urine near the 6-8 week old puppies. They CANNOT hold it that long. Not only that, where in this 'special footage' does anyone see poop. I see a distressed woman, excited dogs, a power-hungry animal control officer who is very clearly anti-breeder, and a lot of useless video showing nothing but dogs in kennels. People would be appalled to see my rabbits and how many I have in kennels as well. Crates don't mean abuse and that type of thinking is EXACTLY why good dog people are getting their dogs stolen by AC. It is no ones right but Margaret's to decide how many dogs she can handle. As a preservation breeder having quite a few dogs is necessary. The whole point is to grow the numbers of a dying breed. The Podengo, to be specific. She is doing this breed a huge service and this is how ignorant pet owners think to repay her. Sad. Watch her POV through this whole mess here. It is the whole thing, not just 10 seconds of dogs in kennels.


Ms. Boisture has shared 20 minutes of footage taken during the search. It shows happy, healthy dogs in an extremely clean environment. The ones breaking the law and ultimately subjecting the dogs to cruelty and neglect by stealing them are wearing uniforms.


So, body cam footage that doesn't actually show conditions on the ground with comments from an animal control officer that are both inaccurate and don't make sense. What do you mean you cannot sanitize absorbent pads, it's called a washing machine and bleach? No one is advocating for animal abuse, but this is not a case of animal abuse. Someone has an agenda. I would hope that a news entity would take the time to understand the stories that they are reporting on and not sensationalizing for the sake of a sound bite.


Not guilty,huh!! To all of you people who do not care what happened to the animals, you are just as bad!!!

jon anthony

Yeah...who cares "...what happened....leading up to that day..."? Conditions are what they are. BANG!


The conditions are stellar, and the dogs should never have been removed.

Logicandreason101 she was running a puppy mill. Forget her.


No one who knows the least bit about dogs thinks this is a puppy mill.

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