EAST HAVEN, CT (WFSB) - A viral video of a woman spitting at and hurling a racial slur towards a black family continued in a 911 call, according to police.

The incident happened Friday at a supermarket in East Haven.

The woman, identified as Corinne Terrone, worked for the Hamden school district. She resigned shortly after the incident.

Meanwhile, the head of the local NAACP said charges should be filed.

In front of her stunned children and other shoppers, Terrone used the “n-word” and appeared to spit at black family.

“It was stomach turning. It was vile,” said Mayor Curt Balzano Leng.

The video started popping up on social media over the weekend and word spread that Terrone worked at Hamden Public Schools as a clerk in its central office.

The superintendent later revealed that she resigned once the district’s human resources department asked her to come in for a meeting.

“It showed that there is no tolerance for that kind of behavior in this town and that’s something [that] can take a horrible situation and hopefully turn it into a teachable moment, because seeing this is not something that our kids should see,” Leng said.

After leaving the store, East Haven police said Teronne called them to complain, but at first mistakenly called Easton police. 

"He said, 'are you talking to me [expletive]' and I said, 'no I'm not [n-word]' and now they're telling me I'm racially profiling," Terrone told the dispatcher. 

After that she called East Haven police a number of times saying she wanted to make a statement, but only if police went to her house in New Haven. 

"Ma'am, I'm not going to sit here and argue with you. If you want to make a complaint, you come to the station or go back to Shop Rite, other than that I have nothing to say to you," the dispatcher told Terrone. 

Terrone laughed at the dispatcher in which he responded, "Alright ma'am, I'm not laughing, have a good night." 

There was no answer at a Quinnipiac Avenue address listed for Terrone.

Saturday morning, New Haven police said they responded to a Quinnipiac address for a welfare check of a 40-year-old woman.

“Based on the information provided, the woman’s history, and the woman’s interaction with police on scene, New Haven police sent the woman via ambulance to the hospital for a mental health evaluation,” they said in a statement.

Police said no arrests were made and they stressed that investigation is separate from any investigation of the videoed incident that occurred in East Haven.

The head of the NAACP Greater New Haven branch hopes the family goes to police.

“The level of just disgusting language she used and the manor which she behaved, I personally do [hope charges are filed], and I would like to see that happen. I think that would send a strong message, that this is not tolerated, this won’t be accepted,” said Dori Dumas, NAACP Greater New Haven branch.

East Haven police said they can't file charges because so far, no one has made a complaint. 

"I think that she should be held accountable and we would like for the family to make a formal complaint. We think that would bring more attention to it, so we can address it," Dumas said. 

After the video surfaced, the Department of Children and Families became involved as well.

In a statement DCF said: 

“The Department does investigate reports that a parent or other person responsible for a child's care is acting erratically or in an impaired fashion that puts a child's safety at risk or is injurious to their well-being. Under CT law, we are unable to disclose child protection records publicly.”

Shop Rite in East Haven released a statement on the incident saying: 

"We can confirm that this incident took place at the ShopRite of East Haven in Connecticut on Friday evening. We are cooperating fully with the police and have provided store video footage for their investigation. We encourage anyone with additional information about the incident to contact the East Haven police. We are saddened and deeply disturbed that this occurred in our store and affected our customers."

East Haven police said they are asking anyone who witnessed the incident to come forward so they can learn more about what happened. 

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