As a Hartford officer continues to recover, the woman accused of stabbing her faced a judge, and police have released a full report of the incident.

Chevoughn Augustin, 39, was arraigned on Friday morning before a judge and dozens of officers.

Supporters lined the streets outside the courthouse in Hartford in honor of injured Officer Jill Kidik.

Augustin faces a list of charges, including attempted murder.

She stood in court in a blue jumpsuit.

The state's attorney called it a serious case and the third in six weeks where Hartford officers were the target of violent assaults.

Victoria Pells, Augustin's attorney, said her client is a 25-year resident of Connecticut with a son and a 3-month-old granddaughter. She has a bachelor's degree in economics from Trinity College. She's been an account manager at Hartford Healthcare and recently started her own business that did not generate any revenue.

Pells also said her client was a community volunteer who worked in the Connecticut Gun Violence Project and helped others with taxes.

She asked for a $500,000 bond.

The judge, however, ordered a $2 million cash or surety bond.

"We thought it was a fair bond, I mean this is a serious matter," said Chief David Rosado, Hartford Police Department. "Obviously due to the nature of the allegations, we can't afford to have folks attacking our officers on the street."

Augustin is due back in court on June 5.

The officer who was stabbed was identified as 12-year veteran officer Jill Kidik on Friday morning.. She remains in critical condition at Hartford Hospital.

Deputy Chief Brian Foley of the Hartford Police Department posted an update on Friday morning ahead of the arraignment.

"[Friday] morning, surrounded by family and friends she opened her eyes," Foley said. "She is alert and staying strong."

Police said Kidik is trained in crisis management.

Hartford police released the incident report

Read the full report here.

Kidik was sent to 5 Constitution Pl. on Thursday morning to help with an eviction.

A caller, identified as the building's superintendent, stated that a resident of an apartment was damaging property inside the building.

Augustin was reportedly removing postings and paperwork from a community bulletin and common areas without permission.

The superintendent said Augustin displayed signs of mental instability and has committed illegal acts in the building in the past.

In the report, the superintendent said when Kidik arrived, she loudly identified herself as a Hartford police officer.

According to the report, Augustin said "the officer made comments to her that caused her not to trust her," and she wanted to leave. She also said "the officer was standing in her way."

Augustin immediately became aggressive and agitated, the report said.

An ambulance was called for Augustin. It was while they were waiting for the ambulance that the scuffle ensued inside the apartment.

Augustin knocked Kidik to the ground, placed her in a choke hold and stabbed her in the neck.

Kidik managed to call for backup.

See pictures from the scene here.

Two maintenance workers heard the struggle and ran to help. They saw Kidik suffering from a large wound to her neck. When they moved to pull Augustin away from Kidik, they said Augustin continued to stab.

According to police, if they hadn't been there, the officer would have died.

When backup arrived, the officer was rushed to the hospital and into surgery. Doctors said her jugular and trachea were cut.

The department asked for prayers that she'll pull through.

"It’s a difficult time for us but we’ll get through it because we have each other to get through it," Rosado said.

Augustin was restrained by the maintenance crew and handcuffed by responding officers.

The report said there was blood leading from the front entrance of the building to the interior elevators on the first floor of the lobby.

The blood trail went up to the ninth floor where it went from the elevator to the front door of an apartment.

A significant amount of blood was found in the hallway area just outside of the apartment.

At Hartford police's major crimes division, the report said Augustin admitted her role in the incident.

She said she had been having ongoing issues with building management and had been served an eviction notice.

She said she had been removing the postings from the bulletin boards because she felt they were "disorganized."

When Kidik arrived, Augustin said she was asked to identify herself. Augustin said she looked for an ID, but couldn't find one so she decided to leave.

Kidik wouldn't let her and they wrestled.

Augustin said she grabbed knives from her kitchen and stabbed the officer while trying to get away.

Strong support shown at the courthouse

Augustin's arraignment happened at 10 a.m.

As expected, a large police presence was there. The Hartford Police Union encouraged officers to show their support.

Channel 3 streamed pictures of the officers gathering at the courthouse.

“It doesn’t stop and the dangers of the job and you see them day in and day out and there is no such thing as a routine call," said Sgt. John Szewczyk, president, Hartford Police Union.

Szewczyk said it's been an emotional 24 hours.

“It’s been very difficult from brand new officers to officers with 20 years on the job," he said.

Rosado told Channel 3 that Kidik was well-respected. She even received a life-saving award for saving a choking child a few years ago.

"She is phenomenal. She’s really come into her own," said Officer Theresa Valez, Hartford police. "She’s a very tough female on the street as an officer."

Supporters said if anyone can get through what happened, it's Kidik.

"Thank you to the entire region for all your support," Foley said. "Too many people to list. We are lucky to have so much support. The officer is strong."

Just in case you are looking for a hero...— Brian Foley (@LtFoley) May 18, 2018

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